St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
January 26, 2006

Members (Bold if present):  Addo, Edward; Burgeson, John C.; Burlison, Diana; Carlson, Debra; Condon, Frankie; Day, Annette; DeGroote,David; Fisher, Theresia; Foss, Lisa; Grachek Sara; Kasi, Balasubramanian; Kilborn, Judith; Krueger, Patricia; Leigh, Debra; Li, Guihua; Litterst, Judith; Motin Susan; Nook, Mark; Palmer, John; Saffari, Mahmoud; Schoenberger, Annette; Sikes, David; Thorson, Philip; Turkowski, Adelaide; Voelz, Neal; Wentworth, Brenda; (25 – 13 quorum)

Call to order

Convened as a sub committee at 10:14 a.m.

Convened as a full committee at 10:30 a.m.

Motion (Palmer/Motin): To approve action of subcommittee. Motion passed.

Approval of Dec. 8 minutes.

Motion (Palmer/Voelz): To approve Dec. 8 minutes. Motion passed.

Call for new agenda items

No new agenda items

Old Business

Sub-committee on Integrated Planning

Foss presented a document “Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability Process” that she developed as a process for long-term and annual work planning at SCSU. The Sub-committee on Integrated Planning met prior to the Strategic Planning Committee meeting to review the document and provide edits. Foss reported that the document recommends a 5-year planning cycle in which the University develops a strategic plan in a 6-month timeframe and then offices and units on campus develop a 5-year plan that is aligned with the SCSU strategic plan.

Annually, the university will develop a draft work plan in September for the next fiscal year. Offices and departments will provide respond to the university draft with their own work plan, including annual goals, data collection processes, and any budget requests or reallocations. The plans will move up through the unit vice president to the president and the result will be a final institutional work plan that will be used as the basis for the next year’s budget planning and tuition level. This will allow the institution to plan at least one-year ahead. A timeline appears in the document.

At the end of each fiscal year, departments, offices and units will provide a year-end annual work plan report, including data collected, to their dean/vice president. The data collected at the department and institutional level will be used as the basis for future work plans and to adjust the next year’s work plan.

The document contains infrastructure and support services that will be provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the Office of Institutional Research.

Motion (Condon/Voelz): To move the Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability Process forward with the support of the SPC with the document marked as “Draft, subject to editing.” Motion passed.

New Business

University Community Relations Sub-Committee: 

University Community Relations measures were reviewed. Edits were made to the original document based on feedback from University Advancement.

There was discussion over tracking event attendance and what would constitute events that should be tracked. It was decided to change the categories to:

  • Ticketed events
  • Non-ticketed events
  • Athletics

The second objective was changed to include “activities” so that it does not appear that advisory boards were only for academic programs. There are a number of non-academic offices on campus that have advisory boards and the objective should reflect that.

There was concern that some of the performance measures were at a too fine a detail to be university-wide measures, such as placement rate of press releases, and that these measures are more appropriate at the department level.

Foss said she would revise the University Community Relations measures and bring back to committee for approval at the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:25 p.m.