St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
November 17, 2005

Members (Bold if present):  Addo, Edward; Burgeson, John C.; Burlison, Diana; Carlson, Debra; Condon, Frankie; DeGroote,David; Dolan, Joseph; Fisher, Theresia; Foss, Lisa; Grachek Sara; Kasi, Balasubramanian; Kilborn, Judith; Krueger, Patricia; Leigh, Debra; Li, Guihua; Litterst, Judith; Motin Susan; Nook, Mark; Palmer, John; Saffari, Mahmoud; Schoenberger, Annette; Sikes, David; Thorson, Philip; Turkowski, Adelaide; Voelz, Neal; Wentworth, Brenda; Westphal, Donella. (26 – 13 quorum)

Call to order

Convened as a full committee at 10:15 a.m.

Approval of 11/10/05 minutes.

Minutes from Nov. 10 are not available for review. Approval moved to Dec. 8 meeting.

Call for new agenda items

Palmer called for a new agenda item to address the strategic reduction of class sizes. That item was included as 5d.

Old Business:

Retention Planning Retreat:

Foss reported that the Retention Planning Retreat is scheduled for Dec. 14. The location has yet to be identified. Motin volunteered to serve on the retreat committee as a representative of Strategic Planning.

MnSCU Work Plan:

Foss distributed a copy of the MnSCU FY06 Presidential Work plan Template. Members were concerned with Strategic Direction 2A (Increase online educational offerings and/or enrollment) because of the instability of D2L. It was reported that this issue was discussed at the IFO/MnSCU Meet and Confer and the IFO position was that campuses not be encouraged to do additional online courses until the problems with D2L were resolved. It was stated that a discussion on how to handle faculty workload for on-line courses needed to occur as the demand for online courses continue to grow.

Foss said she would complete the work plan grid using the university’s Strategic Plan and share the document with the committee at the next meeting.

New Business

Review of Facilities Master Plan:

A copy of the most recent Facilities Master Plan was distributed for the committee to review. It was pointed out that the plan is complete and so the committee could no longer have influence on the plan, but it should discuss how the Strategic Planning Committee could have input on future plans.

Motion (Schoenberger/Motin): To create a sub-committee of the Strategic Planning Committee to identify the different planning activities that currently exist on campus and to make a recommendation on how they should be integrated with the strategic planning process. Motion passed.

Volunteers for the Sub-committee are: John Palmer, David DeGroote, Annette Schoenberger, and Lisa Helmin Foss. Foss will schedule the first meeting of the sub-committee.

Service Community Performance Indicators:

The committee began to review the remaining Service Community performance indicators that covered faculty and staff retention and satisfaction. It was suggested that the committee find standard employee satisfaction measures and use those for the performance measures. It was suggested that the level of mentorship of new employees should be included as a measure.

The committee discussed the potential use of the Delaware Study as a tool to compare SCSU faculty work load and instructional costs with those of institutions across the country. It was reported that funds have been requested to participate in the Delaware Study and that those funds have been approved.

Motion (Motin/Voelz): To approve the Service Community Goal B performance indicators and that they should be sent forward to the President.

Discussion:  The committee discussed if they were ready to approve the indicators yet. It was felt that they needed to be reviewed more closely to ensure that they are appropriate. It was pointed out that the measures needed to be able to be disaggregated by college, sex, race and other characteristics to be the most useful.

It was decided that a small group would meet to refine the Service Community Goal B performance indicators and bring them back to the full committee for approval. Volunteers for the sub-committee are: Guihua Li, David DeGroote, Susan Motin, John Burgeson, and Lisa Helmin Foss.

The motion was withdrawn.

University Community Relations Performance Indicators:

The committee recommended that a sub-committee be created to review the University Community Relations performance indicators and bring those recommendations back to the full committee. It was decided to put out a call for volunteers to serve on the sub-committee via email. Foss said she would put out that call.

Strategic Reduction of Class Sizes:

Motion (Palmer/Kilborn): That the Strategic Planning Committee recommends an investment in class size reduction consistent with the performance indicator for Academic Distinction. Funding for this initiative will come from a 50 percent reprogramming of some of the identified items on the FY’06 and FY’07 Budget Plan. Fiscal note: 50 percent of $3.5 million results in 23 new faculty lines.

Discussion: When the university talks about retention, class size is consistently identified as being important. For example, math class sizes are too large and we consistently use adjuncts. It was stated that students should be disappointed that this budget is not responsive to programmatic needs. The budget plan should be able to demonstrate how it will impact the performance measures.

Motion was tabled because the committee no longer had a quorum.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.