St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
October 13, 2005

Members (Bold if present):  Addo, Edward; Burgeson, John C.; Burlison, Diana; Carlson, Debra; Condon, Frankie; DeGroote,David; Dolan, Joseph; Fisher, Theresia; Foss, Lisa Helmin; Grachek Sara; Kasi, Balasubramanian; Kilborn, Judith; Krueger, Patricia; Leigh, Debra; Li, Guihua; Litterst, Judith; Motin Susan; Nook, Mark; Palmer, John; Saffari, Mahmoud; Schoenberger, Annette; Sikes, David; Thorson, Philip; Turkowski, Adelaide; Voelz, Neal; Wentworth, Brenda; Westphal, Donella. (26 – 13 quorum)

Call to order

Convened as a subcommittee at 10:05.

Approval of minutes

Motion to approve the minutes of 9/22/05.  (next meeting)

Call for new agenda items

6c Report from General Education Committee

Joe Dolan, Student Government President

Greetings (next meeting)

Unfinished Meeting Notes

Student help in President’s office to finish up minutes.  Provost’s office will get them to us soon.

Chair-Elect Election (Oct. 27)

Transformation of Current SPC Recommendations

Performance indicator on faculty interaction and small class size seems to have been lost in the current set of recommendations.  Also, there is nothing in the spring version that addresses advising.  Where should performance indicators regarding advising go? 

Regarding classes, we’re not in financial crisis now so we should go back to the class sizes that we believe are pedagogically sound.  Classrooms should not be overflowing.  There is a difference in class functioning when there are 25 students rather than 40. 

Is the average class size a good performance indicator?  All students should have some small classes.  Some large classes are fine. 

The data base has some classes at 15.  That’s the reality but it may not match the ISRS database.

The ideal class size should come from the department, or from college and then university wide indicators.  It’s difficult to get one indicator for the entire university.  Look at other peer institutions and compare.  One measure can help us compare to other institutions.

Maybe we should have a number of classes of each category.

Could we set a standard that x students every semester will be enrolled in classes with x-x numbers?

% of students enrolled in a class of 25 or less each semester.  Not average class size.  Actual enrollment?

Where is it appropriate to have small class sizes?  General Ed, Capstone courses – allowing department to determine.

Should there be a maximum number of students that a faculty member interacts with each semester?  Faculty:Student ratio.

Average class size can be easily used as a quality indicator – needs to be on dashboard somewhere at this Institution.  And how it compares to other institutions.

What capability do we have in our physical facilities to have these small classes? Average class size can give us a benchmark. 

Leave average class size in as a measure.  Look at measure % of classes of actual enrollment of a certain number.  Number?  25?  Pull out US News and World Report and see what their numbers are for small, medium and large class sizes.  Would this apply to SCSU?

If we’re going to be compared to others then we need to use their same class sizes.  Do we have enough small classes?  What is our distribution?  This is as important.  We have to see what our distribution looks like.

NSSE & ACT measures: Theres’s a great deal of information.  Lisa wants members to look at these measures and see what their opinion is of which measures we want to use.

Important questions in NSSE to SPC: Items 1m-s are all having to do with something with faculty, composite index based on average or weighted?  Careful about faculty availability – not just office hours.

Set up some kind of program to help students become more proactive in their learning.

Maybe having our students do an inventory of students – survey to help us understand every student better including their attitudes.  This is one way to know where students are right now. Lisa and Theresia will email SPC for feedback on the rest of the PI’s.

Review of Committee Membership & Terms Subcommittee Recommendation

There was discussion on membership, quorum, and decisions versus recommendations.  A quorum could be defined as those who show up.  What about the members that don’t come anymore.  Should there be a term limit?  Should terms be every three years with the option for renewal?  This should go to FA and other bargaining units.  Should there be staggered terms?  People can volunteer for one-year term. 

NCA Planning Committee Questions

Planning questions will go to committee.  Strengths and needs improvement areas needs to be addressed.

Report from General Education Committee

Judy Litterest will send out information on what the General Ed committee thinks are missing and should added.

Meeting was adjourned.