St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
Sept. 22, 2005

Members (Bold if present):  Addo, Edward; Burgeson, John C.; Burlison, Diana; Carlson, Debra; Condon, Frankie; DeGroote, David; Dolan, Joseph; Fisher, Theresia; Foss, Lisa Helmin; Grachek Sara; Kasi, Balasubramanian; Kilborn, Judith; Krueger, Patricia; Leigh, Debra; Li, Guihua; Litterst, Judith; Motin Susan; Nook, Mark; Palmer, John; Saffari, Mahmoud; Schoenberger, Annette; Sikes, David; Thorson, Philip; Turkowski, Adelaide; Voelz, Neal; Wentworth, Brenda; Westphal, Donella. (26 – 13 quorum)

Call to order:

Convened as a subcommittee at 10:15 a.m. as a sub-committee.

Approval of minutes:

Foss shared with the committee that there are still meeting minutes from last year that needed to be completed and approved. Arrangements have been made to have those completed, and they will be brought forward to the committee for approval when completed. She explained that there is no staff support provided to strategic planning at this point so the co-chairs will share the responsibility for keeping the minutes until staff support is secured. Schoenberger asked why there was no staff support allocated to strategic planning since it was part of the Infrastructure request that went forward to the administration last spring. Discussion of the topic was added as a new agenda item.

Call for new agenda items:


Election of Co-Chair-Elect:

Fisher asked for a motion to open nominations for the co-chair elect of Strategic Planning for next academic year.

Motion (Kilborn/Leigh): To open nominations for co-chair elect for next academic year. Motion passed.

Discussion: It was clarified that the nominee must be a faculty member. Election will be Oct. 27. Fisher agreed to send out an email to all faculty on the Strategic Planning Committee asking for nominations.

Convening of the full Strategic Planning Committee:

After the arrival of additional committee members, a quorum was reached. Fisher asked for a motion to approve the motion of the subcommittee.

Motion (Voelz/Nook): To approve the motion of the subcommittee. Motion passed.

Task Force on Student Program Completion:

Kilborn presented information on the Task Force on Student Completion. It is a faculty task force that was formed to address student retention issues on the campus. Kilborn asked that a faculty representative be appointed from the SPC to serve on that Task Force. An email will be sent from the co-chairs asking for faculty volunteers from the SPC. A representative needs to be appointed by Tuesday.

Student Government President Joe Dolan:

Joe Dolan, Student Government President, is the new student representative to the SPC. He has been asked to speak to the SPC at the next meeting regarding bridging the gap between Student Government and the SPC.

Current SPC recommendations:

Fisher told the SPC about meetings that occurred between the co-chairs and President Saigo and Provost Spitzer regarding the performance indicators that were approved by the SPC last spring. The President and Provost both recognized the hard work of the committee, but they indicated that they would like more measurable indicators. The President also said he would like all of the indicators completed by the end of October.

Foss provided an example of how to make an indictor more measurable. She said that many of the items currently listed under the Performance Indicators section were tasks that need to be completed outside of the SPC. She used the General Education indicators as an example. She said these tasks needed to be completed by the General Education Committee and that the SPC should be concerned with a more global measure like “percentage of general education courses with learning outcomes identified.” Foss asked the committee if they would prefer to work on revising the indicators during the meeting or if they would like the co-chairs to revise the indicators based on the feedback they received from the President and Provost.

Schoenberger asked about the survey that was completed by the Majors and Minors subcommittee and if the work that was done by that committee was going to be used. Foss said that the survey would be coordinated with data collection that is occurring as part of the NCA accreditation self-study work so that there was no duplication.

Motion (Leigh/Thorson): The co-chairs should produce a revised version of the performance indicators where the PIs have been transitioned and include a baseline and goal column. Motion passed.

Discussion: Thorson said that performance indicators should just be ranked according to how easy it is to get the data.

Advisors to the Co-chairs:

Fisher told the committee that she has had discussions with David Robinson, Statistics, and P.N. Subbanarasimha, Management, and they have agreed to serve as advisors to the co-chairs of the SPC. No discussion followed.

Subcommittee and Committee Membership:

Foss said that she has made a formal request of Judy Kilborn, Faculty Association President, to fill vacant faculty positions on the SPC. Each college should have two representatives to the committee. Kilborn will bring this request to Faculty Senate.

A discussion followed regarding committee membership and the need for a process to have individuals move on and off the committee, such as term limits and how to deal with “no shows.”

Motion (Grachek/Litterst): The SPC should create a subcommittee that will develop policies for membership and other procedures. Motion passed.

Discussion: There was a call for volunteers. David Sikes, Debra Leigh, Sara Grachek, Annette Schoenberger, Phil Thorson and Lisa Foss volunteered to serve on that sub committee. Leigh asked if there were other university committees to see how they handle these issues. The committee agreed to meet to develop a draft policy for the full committee to review. Thorson said it was important that we streamline the process so that it doesn’t take months to develop the policies.

Special Sessions:

Foss asked the committee if they would be willing to meet before the next regular meeting on Oct. 13 in order to meet the President’s deadline. The committee preferred Oct. 6 for a meeting date and that Sept. 29 be a back-up meeting date.

Clerical Support:

Schoenberger asked why clerical support and the data position have not been created. These positions were part of the Infrastructure Proposal that was developed by the SPC and presented to the President last spring. Foss said she is preparing a more detailed request for these two positions to be submitted to the President. The committee asked that the requests come to the full committee before going forward to the President.

Meeting was adjourned.