University Community Relations

Approved SPC 4/29/04
Approved Faculty Senate 5/4/04
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Goal A: St. Cloud State University will support and recognize practices that actively promote open dialogue and understanding within its internal community.

Impact: Immediate, low
Long-term, high
Effort: High

KPI A1: The University will improve conflict resolution on campus so that conflict is addressed in a pro-active and positive manner and so that the campus climate is supportive and nurturing for all university students, faculty, staff, and administrators

Definition/Strategies/Action Plan: Some of this data is already available, such as expenditures on lawsuit and complaints filed/investigated. A climate survey would need to be developed, possibly based on the questions asked in prior studies. Most importantly, follow up on conflicts "resolved"/complaints filed to determine if the Institution actually resolved the matter to the general satisfaction of the parties involved and whether the University followed strictly procedures for dealing with conflict resolution. This would involve creating a new process to follow up on complaints and evaluate if our processes are working.

Data Responsible Parties Timeline

Mediation program usage

Number of conflicts resolved through various dispute resolution options

Mediation Coordination Committee

Institutional Studies

Human Resources

Annual; 5-year trends


Bargaining units

President, Provost, Vice Presidents, and Deans


Affirmative Action Complaints

Number of AAO and IBI complaints filed by members of protected class compared to other institutions


Human Resources

Lead Investigator Annual Report

President’s Office and top administrative offices


Annual expenditures on discrimination and other lawsuits

Budget Office


Student conflict

Academic Integrity

Student Life & Development


Public Safety

Public Safety Annual Report

Review of periodically administered climate studies and surveys (see Diversity and Social Justice KPI B2) CARE Leadership Team  

Impact: Medium to High
Effort: Medium

KPI A2: The University will increase by 5% a year the number of employees who are satisfied with the quality and level of communication on campus.

Definition/Strategies/Action Plan: Satisfaction with the type and openness of information shared within the organization is a key indicator of employee satisfaction.

Data Responsible Parties Timeline

Employee focus groups

Employee surveys

President's Office

Human Resources

Bargaining Units
Every Semester

Goal B: St. Cloud State University will support and recognize partnership development and community engagement efforts that contribute to the well being and stability of the University and its external stakeholders.

Impact: High
Effort: Medium

KPI B1: The University will increase by 5% a year the amount of external community support for and participation in university activities and programs

Definition/Strategies/Action Plan: Measurement of regular interaction between the University and the surrounding community will be important as a way to determine if the University is effectively serving as a resource for the surrounding community. Much of this data is currently collected but not aggregated into one report. Private dollars are an important source of funding for University initiatives. Measurement of private dollars provided to the University each year will allow the University to gauge its overall level of support from its communities.

Data Responsible Parties Timeline

Number of alumni and friends making contributions to SCSU Foundation

Number of community members attending on-campus events

  • Event ticket sales
  • Event registrations and attendance
  • Facilities reservations
  • Alumni events


Alumni & Foundation Center


University Communications

President’s Office



Fine Arts

Departments/units/colleges sponsoring programs and events

Student Life & Development


Impact: Medium
Effort: Low to Medium

KPI B2: The University will increase by 5% a year the amount of support for the external community by increasing the number of external community contacts through outreach, partnerships, collaborations, community-based research, service learning, and volunteer work.

Definition/Strategies/Action Plan: Awareness of existing community and university partnerships can spark opportunities for new collaborations in the future. Through the establishment of a form of clearinghouse, information will be made available campus wide. Deans, directors and designated representatives will provide information to University Communications for distribution on an established, regular basis. Efforts will be made to include academic, non academic and student endeavors.

Data Responsible Parties Timeline

Number of community outreach contacts by SCSU faculty, staff and administrators as identified through faculty surveys and SCSU Annual Work Plan

Number of service learning projects reported as identified through faculty surveys and SCSU Annual Work Plan

Number of student hours of volunteer work identified through Volunteer Connections

Level of satisfaction with university’s outreach efforts as expressed through community leader focus groups

Number of community-based research projects, partnerships and collaborations

President's Office

Provost’s Office


University Communications

Service-Learning Coordinator

VP for Student Life & Development

SCSU Volunteer Connection Office

Career Services

Sponsored Programs

Academic Distinction | Service Community
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