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Approved SPC 4/30/04
Approved Faculty Senate 5/4/04
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II. St. Cloud State University will emphasize and support services that lead to higher retention and success for students, faculty and staff.

Goal A. University resources will be aligned to match desired activity.

Impact: High
Effort: Low

KPI A1: SCSU will increase its current freshman-to-sophomore year retention rate of 71% (full-time and part-time) to 78.5% over the next 5 years (1.5% annually), effective with the fall 2004 New Entering Freshmen cohort. This, in turn, will enhance SCSU's 4-, 5-, and 6-year graduation rates.

Definition/Strategies/Action Plan: The goal is to improve academic and non-academic services to students including access to both upper- and lower-division courses and support and enrichment activities.

Data Responsible Parties Timeline


The Provost


Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Student Life and Development

Enrollment Management
Annual and 5 year trend

Goal B. SCSU will maintain programs and services that strive to make the campus one that respects diversity and works for social justice and a sense of connectedness for students and employees.

Impact: High
Effort: High

KPI B1: The University will assess student satisfaction using several national and locally produced instruments in order to establish baselines and to locate and correct problem areas.

Definition/Strategies/Action Plan: Both in-house and national surveys will be used to collect student and employee opinions regarding their campus experience. Results will be used to design and implement campus environment improvements.

Data Responsible Parties Timeline

Student data

  • First Year Resident Hall Student Opinion Survey (in-house, every fall, beginning 2004)
  • Academic Advising Survey (in-house, every two years, implementation early spring 2005)
  • Graduating Senior Survey (in-house, every summer, implementation 2004 if possible)
  • ACT Student Opinion Survey (fall mid-semester, every two years beginning 2004)

Student experience

  • The Provost
  • Deans
  • Vice Presidents
  • Enrollment Management

Every 1-2 years


Employee surveys


Employee experience

  • President
  • Vice Presidents

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