St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
April 16, 2004

Download minutes [PDF: 3 pages]

Members Present: Judy Kilborn, Brenda Wentworth, Guihua Li, Lisa Foss, Sara Grachek, Susan Motin, Balsy Kasi, Addie Turkowski, Steve Klepetar, David DeGroote, Mary Soroko, John Palmer


Campus survey:

  • Sample size 89 faculty
  • 239 student responses

Steve Frank

  • Less than 50% participation produces invalid results

Student Life determined what to focus on based on NSSE

  • Student Life and Development Directors (19 on committee)
  • Question 10d
  • Question 11n
  • Question 10b
  • Question 8c
  • Question 10e
  • Question 1u

High quality advising was not included so this must be adequate at this point in time.

Call for new agenda items:

  • None

Service Community Reports:

  • Two KPI’s

    • A3 -- The University will increase retention to graduation over the next three years to enhance student success.
    • B1 -- The University will assess SCSU students’ college experiences and learning outcomes; the University will also assess the campus environment/climate for employees.

It is necessary to keep in mind that resources must be tied to the KPI’s

Diversity and Social Justice Reports:

From forums and subcommittee: asked CODE committee to provide a recommendation. Subcommittee will meet next Tuesday (20 April).

Technology Reports:

  • KPI A1, A2, and B1 under C1.
  • So:
  • C1–
    • A1
    • A2 – Don’t restrict to computer technology
    • B1
  • D1 –

Add as a bullet “The effect of technology on student learning outcomes”

Comment: We need to leave some things behind and focus on the things that are most critical at this time.

The two KPIs:

  1. Technology to support teaching and learning
  2. Technology to support infrastructure

Technology for discipline specific programs

  • The data points for this kpi can be included in the definition and the data sources for the two KPIs

University Community Reports:

  • KPI A1: The University will increase the percentage of conflicts resolved informally and locally. – to become a meta KPI.
  • KPI A2: The University will increase percentage of employee satisfied with the campus environment.
  • KPI B1: Support and participation from the external community

Academic Desinction:

Three KPI’s: one for Goal A, one for Goals B, C and F, and one for Goals D and E. Goal G, H, and I are about retention and could be a meta-KPI.

Provost Michael Spitzer joined meeting.
The following are comments from the Provost:
The question is what do the KPIsneed to look like currently goals not KPI’s. Converted into KPIs

KPI A1: Even if we did that what would get what is the value? What is you are really looking?

KPI A2: Example: Students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge associated with the core courses. X% at X level of accomplishment.

KPIB1: Example: All student’s will demonstrate that they have achieved competency in their area of study, including a. basic knowledge, b. connections with theory and practice where appropriate using accreditation standards and/or national guidelines.

KPIH: Example: The University will seek to enroll a demographically diverse student population that reflects state demographics.

Graduate programs will meet community needs
Programs will demonstrate they meet community needs
University will seek to enroll a demographically diverse population and measure
A level of competence that student have achieved.
Don’t have to do every student but a sampling.
Get to skills level
What are the competencies and the number of students to get there?
Compare the hopes to reality.
Students need to look at the outcomes from courses and how this applies to real world.
Improve what we do with our students.
Provide improved learning environment.

What about next year?

  • To the extend possible – clear KPIsin the fall and beginning data collection in spring 05.
  • Units on campus could set targets as soon as possible.

What role for undergraduate dean?

  • Spitzer: Director of assessment, institution research, coordinates data and evaluations.
  • Undergraduate dean works with departments and communicate with the other deans.

KPI more measurable and outcome driven.

  • KPI tie in with the goals of assessment
  • Goals of assessment will illuminate the KPI’s.
  • KPI should not look like strategies.

Provost leaves and committee calls a Quorum:

John, Balsy M/S/P
Passed minutes from last meeting

We will send material as it is complete and feedback will go to the group and when it is appropriate the group will vote via email.

Concerns about the value of data.

People don’t think this is real. How to make people understand the significance of this.

Send out: Schedule
Committee composition

  • Call for replacement of faculty who has resigned.

Give Judy what you have.
Email conversation.

Motion: Change wording in Technology Goal C : from support to enhance
M/S/P: Sara/?