St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
February 13, 2004, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Lady Slipper Room, Atwood Center

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Members Present: John Burgeson, Diana Burlison, David DeGroote, Bonnie Hedin, Balsy Kasi, Judith Kilborn, Steve Klepetar, Guihua Li, John Palmer, David Sikes, Karen Thoms, Brenda Wentworth.

Members Absent: Edward Addo, Debra Carlson, Theresia Fisher, Lisa Foss, Sara Grachek, Kvame Johnson, Pat Krueger, Susan Motin, Mahmoud Saffari, Mary Soroko, Phil Thorson, Addie Turkowski.

Start meeting as a subcommittee and wait for quorum. (David/Brenda, MSP)

Judy Kilborn's discussion of KPIs with Provost Spitzer:
Judy reported on her meeting with Provost Spitzer to discuss KPIs and prioritizing. She carried forth David DeGroote's suggestion of prioritizing KPIs by labeling their impact (high, medium, or low) and effort (high, medium, or low). Spitzer liked this idea, and subcommittees should indicate their priority ranking by using specifying both level of impact and effort.

Label all KPIs with high, medium, or low impact and high, medium, or low effort for data collection. (Balsy/John B., MSP)

 Judy discussed with Spitzer the process after KPIs, with first draft to him and bargaining units simultaneously for comments and approval; then they will come back to the Strategic Planning Committee for final approval and be forwarded to Spitzer and then Saigo. Once KPIs are approved, units on campus will use these KPIs to modify their own strategic plans. Spitzer talked of the possibility of SPC being willing to provide feedback to departments asking for assistance with their own strategic plans. He hopes for final copy of KPIs by the end of the year, which means the last time Faculty Senate could vote on them would be May 4. This deadline requires that we have the KPIs drafted before Spring Break and the college forums right after spring break. Judy will write the introduction to the KPI report, especially the process and "hot buttons" and other key issues. Included will be a statement that this is a living document, subject to change as needed.

Call for new agenda items - nothing.

Item #4 - co-sponsoring faculty forums with the General Education Committee. Discussion led by Steve Klepetar. Steve and the General Education Committee have been thinking of the possibility of the asking for feedback from faculty about the General Education program. Right now, we have two Gen Ed programs: the SCSU program or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. We could redesign our program, adopt the MTC, or not make any changes.

The Gen Ed Committee would like to determine the "mood" of the faculty by hosting an open forum the week of March 8 to discuss concerns about the SCSU General Education program. Sara Grachek would be asked to create a Web site that includes the PowerPoint that will be used during the forum and provides a mechanism for faculty response to it. Discussion focused on whether or not SPC should co-sponsor this forum.

That the Strategic Planning Committee request that the General Education Committee hold an open forum to discuss general education issues. (Brenda/Theresia), MSP)

Back to Item #2. Take the Technology KPIs off today's agenda and move to March 5 with Diversity and Social Justice. Service Community KPI have met.

Upcoming on February 20 will be Academic Distinction and University/Community Relations.

Item #6. Service Community KPIs.

Through consensus, the Strategic Planning Committee adopted Service Community KPIs as amended: A sentence in KPI II.a.1. ("New freshmen should register for a year-long (two semester) schedule of classes to help with the university's course planning process.") and a sentence in KPI II.a.2. ("The University will have returning students indicate the courses they intend to take during the next academic year and will use this information, along with traditional planning methods, to anticipate student demand as accurately as possible.") will be moved to the definitions sections. In KPI II.a.4., the Definition/Strategies/Action Plan will clarify that although it is policy that students be admitted to a major by second semester of junior status, or upon completion of 80 credits, many students are not complying.

Judith introduced a template for our KPIs, using the data from Service Community as an example. We'll use this template with the idea that the Definition/Strategies/Action Plan section is an optional section that will become a link in the web version. The template includes timelines as well.

Support use of template, including use of optional definition section as well and inclusion of timelines. (John B./John P., MSP)

No quorum, so will need to vote on actions take at this meeting at the next meeting as well as Minutes of January 23, 2004, SPC meeting.

Upcoming SPC meeting dates and locations:
Feb. 27, 1-3, Lewis & Clark
Mar. 5, 1-3, Miller Center 114/115
Mar. 12, 1-3, Voyageurs North
Apr. 2, 1-3, Miller Center 114/115
Apr. 16, 1-3, Miller Center 114/115
Apr. 30, 1-3, Miller Center 11/4115

Notes by Karen Thoms