St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
September 24, 2003, 10:00 a.m. Mississippi Room, Atwood Center

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Members Present: Ben Baliga, Diana Burlison, Theresia Fisher, Judith Kilborn, Steve Klepetar, Guihua Li, Joe Opatz, Mahmoud Saffari, Karen Thoms, John Burgeson, David DeGroote, Kwame Johnson

Members Absent: Sara Grachek, Bonnie Hedin, Pat Krueger, Mary Soroko, Addie Turkowski, Brenda Wentworth, Edward Addo, Susan Motin, Glen Palm, John Palmer, Phil Thorson

1) Lack of quorum did not allow for approval of minutes from 10 September 24, 2003 meeting.

2) Kilborn: introduction of new members: Kwame Johnson; Student Government’s new Academic Affairs chair David DeGroote; Interim Dean, College of Science and Engineering

Lack of quorum lead to motion to move to subcommittee status. Moved and seconded.

3) Report from Chair on following:
SPC committee and subcommittee membership

  • Kilborn has asked Provost Spitzer for another appointee to represent Student Life & Development. Spitzer has referred the request to Nathan Church.
  • Subcommittee representation is not clear. A sign up sheet was distributed for members present to indicated what subcommittees they would join. Members not present will be contacted.
  • Kilborn invited CODE and CODAS committees and Student Government to forward names of people to provide input on the Diversity and Social Justice KPIs. Awaiting response from Michael Tripp (CODA), Chris Jazwinski (CODAS), and Cory Lawrence (Student Government).
    Status of Service Community KPIs
  • Service Community-SPC minutes of 18 April 2003 indicated discussion and refinement but no motion to approve.
    Status of Academic Distinction Strategic Goals
  • Were on the Faculty Senate agenda April 8, 2003, when they were tabled; were removed from the table May 6, 2003, and there was a motion to recommend amendment. The motion may not have been acted upon. The motion will come before the Senate again in the October 7th meeting.
    Status of goals other than Academic Distinction
  • Passed by committee last academic year and forwarded to Faculty Senate. Kilborn added them to new business during the September 23rd Faculty Senate and hopes they will be discussed during the October 7th meeting.
    Presence of global elements in Academic Distinction and Diversity and Social Justice strategic goals.
  • Kilborn reviewed and indicated diversity is mentioned in first Academic Distinction goal and in the rationale for the last Diversity and Social Justice goal but muted in Diversity and Social Justice goals.

4. Call for new agenda items. Fisher added discussion for SPC to have attendance policy.

5) General Strategies and schedule for developing KPIs
General Strategies

  • Kilborn will check with Provost Spitzer on process and monetary support for KPIs. Chair will have regular meetings with Provost as KPIs are completed.
  • Li reported on the type of data available to support assessment of KPIs. She will provide a list of current data possibilities. Committee needs to identify additional data to assist in assessment of KPIs.

Discussion on the need for both quantitative and qualitative assessment of KPIs.
Some points in this discussion.

  • What we have to assess KPIs and use these data
  • Develop new data sets to evaluated KPIs
  • Evaluation of KPIs needs to be practical and doable


  • Can Technology and External Community be ready with draft for 8 October 2003 meeting?
  • Can Academic Distinction and Diversity and Social Justice be ready with a draft for meeting on 22 October 2003?

6) Service Community KPIs
Klepetar reported for the Service Community subcommittee

  • The subcommittee reviewed the NCHEMS report and added #6 (see attached list).
  • The wording in the NCHEMS was somewhat different than the SCSU wording, but the subcommittee determined the intent was the similar so selected to retain the SCSU wording.

Discussion of Service Community KPIs

  • Concern about defining what “reasonable capacity” means. A number of pitfalls and strategies where discussed relative to finding a balance between KPI 1 and KPI 2. The suggestion was make that SPC needs a calendar of major events to assist in planning and assessment of KPIs.

Baliga moved approval of Service Community KPIs; Burgeson seconded; Motion Passed.

10) New agenda item -- attendance policy for SPC: discussion about having quorum at meetings.

  • Not all committee members indicated when they could be available. Kilborn asked members submit schedules for Spring semester in an effort to establish a meeting time at 8 October 2003 meeting.
  • Kilborn and Fisher will discuss availability for meetings with committee members who are not currently attending, and Fisher will put an item about faculty attendance on the next Faculty Senate meeting agenda