2003-2004 Strategic Planning Committee Members



Judith Kilborn, English, FAH, Riverview 107, Ext. 83109, kilbornj@stcloudstate.edu


Edward Addo, Geography, COSS, SH 349, Ext. 84165, eaddo@stcloudstat.edu
Bonnie Hedin, Learning Resources, Spec. Serv., CH 103, Ext. 84771, bhedin@stcloudstate.edu
Balsy Kasi , Environmental and Technological Studies, HH-206, Ext. 83132, balsy@stcloudstate.edu
Steve Klepetar, Advising Center, CH 229, Ext. 86075, sfklepetar@stcloudstate.edu
Susan Motin, LR&TS, Spec Serv, MC 130C, Ext. 84996, smotin@stcloudstate.edu
John Palmer, HPERSS, COE, HAH 310, Ext. 82246, jpalmer@stcloudstate.edu
Brenda Wentworth, FAH, Theatre, Film Studies & Dance, PA-209, Ext. 83221, bwentworth@stcloudstate.edu
COB representative (vacant)

Administrative Representatives (MSUAASF)

Pat Krueger, Admissions, AS 115, Ext. 82244, pakrueger@stcloudstate.edu
Mary Soroko, College of Business, BB-123, 85317, mpsoroko@stcloudstate.edu
Addie Turkowski, Career Services, AS101, Ext. 82151, ahturkowski@stcloudstate.edu
Debra Carlson, Lindgren Child Care Center, ECC-122, Ext. 83296, dlcarlson@stcloudstate.edu

Professional Support (MMA)

Phil Thorson, LR & TS, MC 108, Ext.85396, pthorson@stcloudstate.edu

Professional Support (MAPE)

Sara Grachek, LR & TS/Tech Services, MC 118, Ext. 84805, gracheks@stcloudstate.edu

American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

David Sikes , University Communications, AS-207, Ext. 83151, dwsikes@stcloudstate.edu


Kwame Johnson, Student Government, Atwood 116, Ext. 83751 e-mail: kwamejohn@hotmail.com

Administrative Support

Lisa Foss, Communications, AS 207, Ext. 84028, lfoss@stcloudstate.edu
Guihua Li, Special Assistant, Institutional Research, AS-207, Ext. 85502, li@stcloudstate.edu

Excluded Management

John Burgeson, Dean, Continuing Studies, CCS, Ext. 83081, jcburgeson@stcloudstate.edu
David DeGroote, Interim Dean, COSE, Ext. 82192, dkdegroote@stcloudstate.edu

Ex Officio

Diana Burlison, Assoc. V.P. for Admin. Affairs, AS 205, Ext. 82266, dkburlison@stcloudstate.edu
Theresia Fisher, Faculty Association (president), NOC, Ext. 83979, fisher@stcloudstate.edu
Mahmoud Saffari, VP for Enrollment Management, AS-115, Ext. 83899, saffari@stcloudstate.edu
Karen Thoms, FCTE MC310B, 81502, teaching@stcloudstate.edu

Support Staff

Jackie Zieglmeier, Academic Affairs, AS 209, Ext. 84909, jazieglmeier@stcloudstate.edu