St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
May 2, 2003, 2:00 p.m. Mississippi, Atwood Center

Download minutes [PDF:3 pages]

Members Present: Jay Vora, Theresia Fisher, Diana Burlison, Lisa Foss, Sara Grachek, Bonnie Hedin, Pat Krueger, Judith Kilborn, Steve Klepetar, Guihua Li, John Palmer, Chad Sivertson, Mary Soroko, Brenda Wentworth

Members Absent: Edward Addo, Ben Baliga, John Burgeson, Andy Larkin, Ali Malekzadeh, Susan Motin, Joe Opatz, Glen Palm, Debbie Tamte-Horan, Karen Thoms, Phil Thorson, Addie Turkowski

Jay Vora thanked committee members for their hard work during the year and told them that they were a great group to work with. The committee members responded that Co-Chairs Fisher and Vora did a great job and it was a pleasure to be on the committee.

Jay invited Provost Spitzer to the SPC meeting today but the provost may not be able to attend due to his schedule.

Approval of April 18 Minutes:

Moved by Palmer, seconded by Li to approve minutes of April 18. Motion passed.

Moved by Palmer, seconded by Fisher to officially approve minutes of March 28 and April 4th as well. (a quorum was not present at previous meetings). Motion passed.

New Agenda Items:

3. F. Timing of Strategic Planning Chair Elections
4. B. Technology Plan
4. C. Student Government Vote of No Confidence

Old Business:

Moved by Palmer, seconded by Fisher to move to agenda item, 3D. Nominations for SPC Chair 2003-2004. Motion passed.

Judith Kilborn was nominated at the April 18th SPC meeting. Nomination were asked from the floor. None came forward.

Moved by Klepetar, seconded by Grachek to close nominations.

Moved by Palmer, seconded by Fisher to elect Judith Kilborn SPC Chair for 2003-2004.
Motion passed by acclamation.

Action: Jay will inform Michael Spitzer that Judith Kilborn has been elected SPC chair
for 2003-2004.

3. F. Timing of Strategic Planning Chair Elections

Moved by Wentworth, seconded by Klepetar that next year the SPC at its first meeting in the spring semester select a chair and chair-elect for the coming year –before fall course schedules have to be submitted. Motion passed.

Judith Kilborn requested that SPC members be polled regarding their availability to meet at specific times so that a meeting time could be established that would allow greater participation.

Old Business:

A. SPC 2002-2003 Accomplishments.

The SPC briefly listed the following accomplishments:

  • Priority goals and rationales articulated and placed on the website
  • Greater communication with campus community – open forums
  • Website updated regularly
  • Asked to participate in discussions of possible reorganization
  • Greater involvement with the Enrollment Management Committee
  • All SPC minutes approved and timely posted on the website

The SPC reviewed a draft report prepared by Lisa Foss that provides a historical view as well as identifies initiatives that have been successfully completed. Lisa asked for e-mail feedback from the committee before the end of next week. Immediate responses included a suggestion for a range of dates for the earlier pages, a notation that the items bulleted on the last page is a partial listing, verification of items to the extent possible, and a caution about the relationship between the impact of the SPC and what is listed as an accomplishment.

Moved by Fisher, seconded by Grachek to move to NEW BUSINESS, C. Technology Plan. Motion passed.

Moved by Fisher, seconded by Grachek to approve Technology Plan. Motion passed.

Action: Jay Vora will send e-mail to Dean Kristi Tornquist informing her that the SPC
has approved the Technology Plan.

C. Timeline for Strategic Decisions for SPC Input

Diana Burlison has requested that the vice-presidents forward to her a timeline for critical decisions in their respective areas. When Diana has responses, she will forward them to Jackie to be sent to the SPC so that there will be opportunity for SPC feedback into critical decisions. Hopefully, next year the budget will be connected to the strategic plan. Provost Spitzer has told Jay Vora that he wants the SPC to get involved next year in discussions related to potential restructuring of the organization.

Moved by Palmer, seconded by Fisher to move to agenda item, New Business, 4B. Student Government Vote of No Confidence. Motion passed.

Chad Sivertson read the May 2nd memo from Student Government President Brent Sween summarizing the sentiments of Student Government. The SPC recognizes the students are being honest and that they deserve a response. Theresia Fisher will draft a response and e-mail it to the SPC for review before it is sent. Lisa Foss’ document of strategic planning accomplishments will be sent as an attachment. It was suggested that next year the SPC take a more active role with Student Government.

Moved by Palmer, seconded by Fisher to move to agenda item, New Business, 4A. SPC Response to MnSCU’s draft work plan for 2003-2004. Motion passed.

Jay Vora read the memo from Provost Spitzer asking the SPC for recommendations on the MnSCU Annual Work Plan for 03-04. The SPC noted that the timeframe was very short; it is very difficult to respond with quality in the one week remaining before the end of the semester. Lisa Foss stated that MnSCU only recently shared its draft with campuses and that a response was needed by the end of June. The SPC felt that it could do little more than identify a priority strategic goal for each priority identified in the MnSCU plan. Some priority goals are not matched with the MnSCU plan—each campus is different.

The SPC expressed frustration about not being in the loop to have impact. Some members asked why bother to plan when it appears that we are being asked to mirror the
system plan. Budget cuts are currently being made but they are not based on a strategic plan. If it is possible to reinstate positions, what plan will be used to make those decisions?

A broader discussion ensued about the nature of change as a common denominator across higher education—changes in administrators, committee members, committee chairs—it is very difficult to have any consistency in knowing the charge and direction for a committee. It was also noted that the SPC is not a decision making body but is charged only to provide advice and that this is the first year that the SPC is under the Academic Affairs unit.

E. Report by Subcommittees on KPIs:

Diversity and Social Justice – subcommittee will meet during the summer.
Academic Distinction – subcommittee will meet during the summer. Anyone may join the subcommittee to work on KPIs.
University Community Relations – Lisa will make additional changes as identified in discussion at a previous SPC meeting and e-mail revised KPIs to Jackie who will forward them to the committee.

A wider discussion followed. Regarding KPIs for Academic Distinction: Departments will need to set KPIs. How will that be accomplished? When departments were asked to set assessment goals, that was largely done by department chairs. Will that happen with KPIs? Also noted that there is no disincentive if KPIs are not set.