St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
February 21, 2003, 2:00 p.m. Mississippi Room, Atwood Center

Download minutes [PDF:3 pages]

Members Present: Theresia Fisher, John Burgeson, Diana Burlison, Sara Grachek, Bonnie Hedin, Judith Kilborn, Steve Klepetar, Pat Krueger, Guihua Li, Chad Sivertson, Edward Addo, Lisa Foss, Andy Larkin, Brenda Wentworth, Susan Motin

Members Absent: Ben Baliga, Mary Soroko, Debbie Tamte-Horan, Phil Thorson, Ali Malekzadeh, Joe Opatz, Glen Palm, John Palmer, Karen Thoms, Addie Turkowski

Approval of February 7, 2003 Minutes:

Motion: Moved (Klepetar, Burgeson) to approve minutes of Feb. 7, 2002. Passed.

New Agenda Items: None


  1. Update: Report on advising Provost on motion of budget cuts: Fisher met with Provost to discuss public release of motion. She reported that Provost would like to wait on the release but that he appreciated the motion.
  2. Update: Forum comments on SPC Web site: Technology and Academic Distinction comments were distributed for discussion. Vora thanked subcommittee for their hard work. Other subcommittees should submit electronic copies to Sara Grachek for posting. Vora will send announcement on list serv to announce the availability of College Forum notes on Web site.
  3. Powerpoint on Web site: Grachek reported that the Powerpoint presentation used at the College Forums is available on the web site. Vora will send announcement on list serv to announce availability of Powerpoint on web site.
  4. Report on Strategic Planning Process: Subcommittee has met and is developing the first of regular quarterly reports on progress in the SPC. Foss is drafting an initial document for subcommittee review that will focus on a historical recap of strategic planning efforts to date.
  5. Diversity and Social Justice Strategic Goal: Fisher reported that the FA Committee on Diversity Education is crafting a report that they will bring to SPC for review.
  6. SPC Charge: Fisher and Vora will meet separately on this issue.
  7. Academic Distinction Priority Strategic Goal discussion: The Academic Distinction sub-committee met and developed a revised draft of the Academic Distinction Strategic Priority Goal. The subcommittee will continue to meet and will have a completed revised draft to submit to the full committee for review at the next meeting. A question was raised regarding the duplication of the retention goals under the Academic Distinction and Service Community strategic priority goals. Before the next meeting those two sub committees will meet to develop recommendations to the full committee.


  1. NCHEMS visit: Foss took notes of the visit with Ken Mortimer from NCHEMS. They will be available at the next committee meeting.
  2. The SPC meeting scheduled for March 7 has been cancelled. The space will be available for sub committees to meet to finish their revisions to the Strategic Priorities. These revisions along with draft KPIs should be completed with rationale for presentation at the March 21 meeting.
  3. Vora presented to the committee a preliminary KPI model that sub committees can use to develop their draft KPIs.

Meeting adjourned.