St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
January 24, 2002, 2:00 p.m. Mississippi Room, Atwood Center

Download minutes [PDF: 3 pages]

Members Present: Edward Addo, Ben Baliga, Diana Burlison, Theresia Fisher, Lisa Foss, Sara Grachek, Bonnie Hedin, Judith Kilborn, Steve Klepetar, Guihua Li, John Palmer, Mary Soroko, Chad Sivertson, Jay Vora, Brenda Wentworth

Members Absent: John Burgeson, Andy Larkin, Ali Malekzadeh, Susan Motin, Joe Opatz, Glen Palm, Debbie Tamte-Horan, Karen Thoms, Addie Turkowski, Phil Thorson

Support Staff: Jackie Zieglmeier

Thank You:
Jay Vora thanked the committee members who made presentations at college forums.
Jay also thanked Theresia Fisher for developing today’s agenda.

Approval of December 6, 2002 Minutes:

Motion: Moved (Klepetar, Kilborn) to approve minutes of December 6, 2002. Passed.


Update: SPC Website:
The strategic planning website is up and can be viewed at Feedback from the college forums can be placed in the website if the committee decides to do that. Theresia Fisher has an update from Student Life and Development that she will send to Sara Grachek to be placed on the website.

Update: SPC e-mail account:
To date, there have been no messages in the strategic planning e-mail account.

Update: Central Minnesota Community Service PlanCommittee:
The strategic planning subcommittee on University Community Relations will meet next Thursday, January 30, at 10:00 am in AS-201. Lissa Staples, Volunteer Link Coordinator, and Bernie Omann, government relations and legislative officer, have joined the sub-committee. The Stearns-Benton 2002 Community Assessment Report will be reviewed. If anyone would like a copy of the report, contact Lisa Foss. The 12-member Central Minnesota Community Service Plan Committee will meet with President Saigo in March.

Action: Lisa: Send open invitation to scsu-annouce for interested people to attend the January 30th meeting.

Update: Diversity and Social Justice Strategic Goal – Awaiting Response from Committee on Diversity Education and Independent Review Committee:
The Committee on Diversity Education will be meeting next week. They will be addressing the request from last semester. The Independent Review Committee has met once. Theresia will make contact with both committees and report back to the SPC.


College Forum Feedback:
Jay asked committee members to give highlights from each of the college forums.


  • More than 50 people attended; associate dean was present
  • Strong interest – good turnout
  • Atmosphere- collegial, pleasant, open and frank discussion
  • People didn’t feel that the strategic plan made SCSU distinctive from other places.
  • Language was “unambitious,” bland, didn’t call for any great effort
  • Plan focuses on the classroom – need to enhance so that also mentioned are the mentoring of students, internships, community relations and scholarship
  • Need to embrace and value how SCSU has changed the lives of middle class and lower middle class families
  • General concern about the way liberal arts was worked in – fine arts appear to be marginalized while professional programs are exemplified
  • There are programs that combine fine arts and pre-professional programs
  • Will the college plans show how SCSU is different and distinguish it from the community colleges and technical schools?
  • What about including tradition and applied practice?
  • The community pages are thin
  • Why should colleges be motivated to raise funds if they do not get to keep a portion of the money raised? There needs to be an incentive to go above and beyond.
  • What causes students to choose SCSU? One reason is the strong personal relationships that professors develop with their students. That is not mentioned in the priority strategic goals.
  • The COFAH sees that it is not placed at the center of the university’s mission.
  • Trust issue was raised -- Is the strategic plan taking us anyplace? Isn’t this just more of old politics and resource allocation?


  • Approximately 50 people attended; the associate dean was present
  • Started out with a bit of skepticism – have seen the strategic planning process before – nothing comes of it
  • If it isn’t going to be linked to the budget, why go through this elaborate process?
  • “Global” doesn’t make sense in the SCSU mission statement
  • What is the distinction between strategic planning goals and the strategic plan? The document has goals – now we need a plan.
  • If KPIs look at FTEs, that will differ between courses – do we need to look at a differentiated fee plan?
  • Improve the Advising Center


  • Approximately 30 people attended; the dean was present
  • Need to define academic distinction piece
  • What is the hierarchy of planning? In the technology area LRC has to submit a plan to MnSCU that is sort of independent of the campus planning process
  • Priorities are not narrowly defined
  • No infrastructure in place to support a planning process; culture is not accustomed to it.
  • Gaps in strategic goals

    LR & TS has formed a sub-group that will meet next Friday. Report of what is accomplished will be posted on the website.


  • Approximately 30 people attended; dean present
  • Stated that definitions were not well defined
  • Saw conflict among the goals
  • Not comfortable with the mission and value statements – regional comprehensive university
  • How do we measure goals – are they specific enough? Need to clarify what we mean.
  • Discussion about community – strategic plan does not address how we interact with each other; there is nothing included about the inner community as a workplace


  • Approximately 10 people attended; Mary Soroko was the dean’s representative
  • Mission doesn’t define who we are
  • Strategic planning is about making choices -- don’t see that in the mission and vision statements – the language is not there
  • Language is not ambitious – just seeks to maintain what we are doing
  • Community partnerships priority goals are not strong enough – need to look for resources outside of MnSCU
  • Need to understand why we should take strategic planning seriously
  • Referenced an article by Robert Shirley who was a consultant for SCSU planning process in the mid 1990’s – there is nothing about evaluation in the current strategic pla
  • The university needs to be transparent in its operations
  • If a college is willing to raise funds, one-half should be guaranteed to come to the college.


  • Good meeting; good turnout; impressed with good will and good conversation; collegial
  • Support for the idea of tying strategic planning to the budget.
  • How do you look at academic distinction in areas without accreditation?
  • Focus seems to be on diversity and not social justice
  • Cultural studies – like EEOC, JCRC, Rankins report and Nichols report – should be systematic and assessed on a regular basis
  • Sense from this group is to move on – do something. What is the next step?

Discussion points in brainstorming session that followed:

  • Would it be worthwhile to have a sub-group of the SPC go back through the strategic planning files to identify what has happened so far in the strategic planning process so that it can be marketed to the campus community that strategic planning is a worthwhile process?
  • Should there be another forum to talk about KPIs?
  • Considerable concern was expressed about the revolving door in key leadership positions – presents problems with continuity and relationships
  • Looking at the feedback from the college forums – What should the SPC be looking at? What needs to be changed in the priority goals?
  • Mission and vision statements have recently gone through an approval process – no need to change those
  • SCSU faculty want to link strategic planning to budget. How does that interface with the priority goals?
  • Theresia Fisher and Jay Vora met with Provost Spitzer last week. Need to coordinate what is happening at the university and the committee’s efforts to formulate priority goals. It would be helpful to come up with some KPIs to look at various programs.

Action: Other Forums to be Scheduled: Students, AFSCME, MSUAASF, MAPE, MMA:

The committee volunteered for presentations to the above units. It was thought that all groups (except students) could be combined. A presentation will be made at times so that all three shifts can be accommodated. The goal is to have presentations completed by February 15.

  • Chad and Theresia will present to Student Government at a 5 pm Student Government meeting – likely January 30
  • Mary Soroko and Steve Klepetar will present next Friday at 2:00. Jackie will schedule a room.
  • Sara Grachek and Judy Kilborn will present to the 3:00 to 11:00 shift. Date and time to be decided – likely 3:30 –4:30 January 31 or February 3
  • John Palmer volunteered for the 11:00 pm to 7:00 am shift. Diana Burlison will talk with Steve Ludwig to see what time and place might work best and let Jackie know.
  • Suggestion: Flush out PowerPoint presentation, place it on the strategic planning website and provide an opportunity for comments there on the website.

NCHEMS Visit (Wednesday, February 12 – 3:00 – 4:30):
Reminder: SPC has been invited to meet with NCHEMS at the above date and time. Location: Atwood Glacier Room.

Discussion points:

  • The Provost, the colleges and NCHEMS have asked about KPI’s.
  • If KPI’s are set for the university, who measures them?
  • If KPI’s are set for the colleges, who measures them?
  • How will KPI’s be used? In a punitive way or to inform improvement?
  • It will be helpful to have qualitative and quantitative KPI’s.
  • Include in the process a recommendation for an evaluation team.
  • Need to provide guidance about priority goals -- a common theme is that politics plays too much of a role in what is supported and not supported on this campus
  • Need to get away from politics – like using across-the-board cuts
  • Reference to Provost Spitzer’s comments at the December 6 SPC meeting in discussing academic distinction and related KPI’s: “Measurement is in terms of learner outcome (for example: graduate school acceptance, employability). Goals reflect measurements (for example: percentage of graduates who pass GMAT or licensure tests).” Comment made that what is listed is not learner outcome – learner outcome is what the student has learned and how you can prove they have learned it. The examples from Provost Spitzer look like professional program measurements.
  • Need to find a way to develop KPI’s that are not discipline specific
  • If the university has priorities, let’s identify them—there is an absence of a crystallization of what the institution will be.
  • There are different kinds of KPI’s:
    • organization “dashboard” indicators
    • KPI’s that inform decision making at the university and college level
  • How to go about developing KPI’s:
    • Do planning units decide what KPI’s should be?
    • Is it the role of the SPC to make recommendations to the Provost? (not saying that the colleges or departments should be excluded)
    • See SPC as a conduit – make recommendations to the units, they respond, we recommend to Provost
    • See SPC as having a more active role – SPC could play an active and educational role -- planning units give feedback to SPC
  • The President and the Chancellor have a work plan. Colleges must have work plans. What about the concept of “centers of excellence”? Are there indicators to tell us what “centers of excellence” are? If colleges already have KPI’s, why can’t they report those to the SPC?
  • Current lists of KPI’s we have are all quantitative – there needs to be qualitative measures

Actions for Committee Members to be Completed for next meeting – Feb 7:

  • Using the following sub-groups, look closely at the feedback from forums and see if anything should be changed in the priority strategic goals. Report back to the full group at the next meeting.
    Academic Distinction: Brenda Wentworth, Judith Kilborn, Theresia Fisher, Chad Sivertson
    Service Community: Pat Krueger, Steve Klepetar, Guihua Li
    University Community Relations: Lisa Foss, Pat Krueger, Edward Addo, John Palmer
    Technology: Sara Grachek, Phil Thorson, Bonnie Hedin
    Diversity and Social Justice: Theresia Fisher, Mary Soroko, Edward Addo
  • The entire committee – look only at the first priority strategic goal -- academic distinction.
    • Review the KPI’s handout from NCHEMS dated 11/13/02 and the KPI’s developed by the previous SPC
      • look at possible guidelines for definitions and measurements

Meeting adjourned.