St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
December 6, 2002, 2:00 p.m. Mississippi Room, Atwood Center

(Minutes approved by Strategic Planning Committee 9/27/02)
Download minutes [PDF: 3 pages]

Members Present: Theresia Fisher, Ben Baliga, John Burgeson, Diana Burlison, Sara Grachek, Bonnie Hedin, Judith Kilborn, Steve Klepetar, Pat Krueger, Guihua Li, Susan Motin, Mary Soroko, Chad Sivertson, Debbie Tamte-Horan, Phil Thorson

Members Absent: Edward Addo, Lisa Foss, Andy Larkin, Ali Malekzadeh, Joe Opatz, Glen Palm, John Palmer, Karen Thoms, Addie Turkowski, Brenda Wentworth

Support Staff: Jackie Zieglmeier

Guest: Michael Spitzer

Approval of November 15, 2002 Minutes:

Motion: Moved (Klepetar, Kilborn) to approve minutes of November 15, 2002. Passed.

New Member Welcomed:

Sara Grachek was welcomed as a new member to the Strategic Planning Committee. Sara is representing MAPE.


Update: SPC Website:
The strategic planning website is up and can be viewed at No comments have been received since the website was posted. The website includes the priority strategic goals, the mission and vision statements and is in the process of being updated. Student Life and Development is making their materials current. Theresia Fisher will check with Steve Ludwig about updating materials for Administrative Affairs. It was an NCHEMS suggestion to get the website up and current.

Action: Theresia – draft a charge to the SPC. Forward to the SPC and the Provost for comment.
After finalized, post the charge on the website.

Update: Central Minnesota Community Service Plan:
Pat Krueger reported that the sub-committee has not yet met. There should be a report by the next SPC meeting.

Update: Subcommittee on College Forums – Spring Semester Workshop Days:
The committee discussed the expectations for the forums– primarily to present the priority strategic goals and seek university community feedback. The posture will be one of listening—here is what the committee has developed. The purpose of the forums is to provide information and listen to responses--noting which issues the university community wants clarified. It is important to note that the priority strategic goals have not been approved—the committee will consider modifications. For consistency in presentations among the colleges, it was suggested that a uniform power point presentation be made to provide background information. Committee members volunteered to present in teams of three or more at each of the college forums:

Thursday, January 9 10:00 – 12:00
LR & TS (Motin, Sivertson, Soroko)
COSE (Burgeson, Kilborn, Krueger)
COSS (Burlison, Klepetar, Li)

Friday, January 10 10:00 – 12:00
COB (Baliga, Soroko (Palmer or Thoms)
COE (Krueger, Larkin, Tamte-Horan)
COFAH (Burgeson, Kilborn, Klepetar, Sivertson)

Action: Theresia will e-mail Palmer, Thoms and Larkin who were not present at today’s meeting but who were “volunteered” by their colleagues.

Motion: Moved (Motin, Silvertson) that the Strategic Planning Committee prepare a power point presentation for the college forums which will provide a brief history of strategic planning at SCSU, the current process and where we are going. The power point presentation will be no more than five minutes. The SPC will solicit feedback from all constituencies. Passed.

Action: Mary Soroko and Sara Grachek (who will provide technical support) will create a power point presentation on strategic planning background. The presentation will be kept simple. Also a single-page handout will be prepared so those who attend the forums will have something to take away in addition to a copy of the priority strategic goals.

Mary Soroko will send the power point presentation to the SPC.

Sara will place the power point presentation on the strategic planning website after the forums.

The three-person groups who will present at each college forum will want to meet prior to the forum to prepare.

Theresia – talk with Mark Kotcho who is preparing a brochure on LR & TS workshops so he is aware of the times of the SPC presentations at college forums.

Other forum discussion:

  • Locations for the forums will be determined by the colleges.
  • Consider enlisting the help of the deans and chairs to stimulate discussion at the forums.
  • Encourage attendees to send feedback to the strategic planning e-mail address:
    Provide a deadline date.
  • Think about neutral questions and responses. Is the communication clear about what the strategic planning process is and how it affects individual faculty? Faculty will likely ask the meaning of the statements listed in the priority strategic goals.

Update: SPC e-mail:
As stated before, those who attend the college forums on strategic planning will be invited to send feedback to the strategic planning e-mail address: The e-mail account is under Jackie’s name. E-mails can be forwarded to the SPC.

Update: Diversity and Social Justice Strategic Goal – Awaiting Response from Committee on Diversity Education and Independent Review Committee:
Theresia has received no response from the Committee on Diversity Education.
The Independent Review Committee has not yet been convened.


Further Discussion: Priority Strategic Goals: Academic Distinction and Related KPIs:
Provost Spitzer noted that the first statement under academic distinction referred to undergraduate programs –not all programs. The remainder of the paragraph (SCSU will maintain professional and liberal arts degree programs, and it will maintain accreditation for programs. The university will offer graduate and professional programs, which have high demand.) lists things that the university is already doing. Those things are not seen as goals. Goals need to have measurable outcomes. The questions are: What constitutes academic distinction? How do we know when we are academically distinct? How is that measured? Measurement is usually in terms of learner outcome. (for example: graduate school acceptance, employability). Goals reflect measurements (for example: percentage of graduates who pass GMAT or licensure tests).

It was stated that in educational systems where institutions do not do assessment of their own volition, mandatory assessments are imposed.

The question was asked how to get the university engaged in helping to define academic distinction. It was suggested that discussion take place at the college forums. Ask those who attend the forums how academic distinction can be measured.

Discussion points regarding KPIs:

  • It is hard to know what the university is currently doing – there is data out there but not always widely known.
  • Professionally accredited programs tend to have measurements in place.
  • Of the KPIs identified by the previous SPC, what can the university afford?
  • KPIs are strategies but they do not identify tactile goals – the KPIs are broad enough to be implemented by each college, department, and discipline.
  • Should the KPI suggestions from NCHEMS be shared at the college forums? Placed on the SPC website? Discussed more by the committee? The administration has not responded to the list of KPIs from NCHEMS. They are the consultants’ recommendations. They can be looked at by the SPC or in the colleges.
  • Dennis Jones and Ken Mortimer will be on campus January 16 and 17. To have prior discussion about KPIs will be beneficial.
  • The wrong message may be sent if the KPI suggestions are perceived as a done deal. Perhaps the SPC can use one as an example in the college forum discussions – part of the future. It is more important that the input from the university community come first (bottom up) than for the SPC to say we have deliberated on these KPIs and we are bringing them to you (top down). That is not to say that the SPC can’t present the KPIs are “this is what we are looking at – another source of information – we are doing a verbal survey to find good ideas everywhere. KPIs may need to be modified.”

Priority Strategic Goals Handout for College Forums:

Motion: Moved (Krueger, Soroko) to amend document to include “undergraduate” in the first paragraph under Academic Distinction and fix typos. Passed.

Action: Committee members: e-mail Jackie or Theresia with other changes.

Semester Wrap-Up, New Chair:
Jay thanked Theresia for chairing the SPC fall semester and told the committee that he is impressed with the work they have done Jay also said he looks forward to working with the committee spring semester.

Theresia said that she appreciated the commitment members of the SPC had to the process and thanked the committee for their work this semester. Theresia (and the SPC) thanked Jackie Zieglmeier for her wonderful support this semester.

Michael Spitzer’s closing comment to the committee stated a great deal of responsibility is on the SPC’s shoulders. A lot less money will be coming from the state. The SPC’s suggestion of a strategic direction for the university will influence decision-making about the budget.

Meeting adjourned.