St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Minutes
September 27, 2002, 2:00 p.m. Mississippi Room, Atwood Center

(Minutes approved by Strategic Planning Committee 10/4/02)
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Members Present: Theresia Fisher, Edward Addo, Lisa Foss, Bonnie Hedin, Judith Kilborn, Steve Klepetar, Pat Krueger, Andy Larkin, Guihua Li, Ali Malekzadeh, Joe Opatz, Glen Palm, John Palmer, Chad Sivertson, Karen Thoms, Brenda Wentworth

Members Absent: Bassey Eyo, John Burgeson, Diana Burlison, Susan Motin, Mary Soroko, Addie Turkowski

Support Staff: Jackie Zieglmeier

Approval of September 13, 2002 Minutes:

Motion: Motion (Kilborn, Sivertson) to approve minutes as corrected. Passed.

Quorums/Committee Attendance:
There was a brief discussion of committee attendance. Last year achieving a quorum at Strategic Planning meetings was a problem. Noted that without a quorum, motions need to wait until the next meeting. Lack of a quorum also impacts on how the university community perceives the work of the Strategic Planning Committee. Also noted that when members cannot attend a specific meeting, it likely is that they are involved in other university business that conflicts with meeting times of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Synopsis of FY2002 SPL Meeting Minutes:
In order to inform new members and by way of review for past members, the Strategic Planning Committee reviewed a Synopsis of FY2002 SPL Meeting Minutes prepared by Administrative Affairs. Past committee members did not agree with the first statement indicating that MnSCU rejected the previous year's strategic plan. Lisa Foss stated that while mission and visions statements of MnSCU institutions need to be reviewed by the MnSCU Board, strategic planning is strictly under the purview of individual institutions. Lisa informed the committee that SCSU's mission and vision statements will be presented at the October MnSCU Board meeting.

Motion: Motion (Larkin, Palmer) to strike the first sentence of the Synopsis of FY 2002 SPL
Meeting Minutes. Sentence reads: "MnSCU rejected the proposed strategic plan last
year citing it was not specific enough to SCSU." Withdrawn.

Motion (Palmer, Hedin) to approve the rest of the synopsis.

The consensus of the committee was that the committee was not comfortable making changes to the synopsis of the previous committee's work.

The question of when and by whom was the decision made to link budget to the Strategic Plan:
Strategic Planning Committee members from last year stated that there was a general consensus that the budget should be linked to the strategic plan, but last year's committee took no formal action on this matter. The assumption is the decision was made after the end of the academic year and before the NCHEMS retreat in the summer. Does this matter goes back to the role of the committee? If the SPL Committee is to be advisory, does that mean it is to express its opinion in a formal way as issues arise, or is the only time the committee is to be advisory is when it is specifically asked?

Motion: Motion (Klepetar, Krueger) to ask Andy Larkin to take to FA/Adm meet and confer the questions of when and by whom the decision was made to link the budget and the strategic plan. Passed.

Discussion of KPIs:
The question was raised if the Provost would ask the Strategic Planning Committee's advice about KPIs? Previous committee members felt that the KPIs were set up to put assessment back in the hands of departments and give them the role and the responsibility to assess. Noted that the 4/30/02 Draft of Priority Strategic Goals has only a few KPIs listed. Previous committee members were aware of numerous KPIs developed last year.

Action: Theresia Fisher will distribute KPIs to SPL committee before next meeting.

4/30/02 Draft of Priority Strategic Goals:
The Strategic Planning Committee reviewed the 4/30/02 Draft of Priority Strategic Goals. Given the high degree of reflection on retention at the September 13th SPL meeting, the committee asked how well retention is reflected in the 4/30/02 goals. Two areas were identified.

Motion: Motion (Larkin, Foss) to remove Item I.H from the 4/30/02 Draft of Priority Strategic Goals and insert any wording in Item II.A.
Failed on vote.

The Strategic Planning Committee asked if it was its responsibility to recommend approval of this draft to the Provost. Members of the previous Strategic Planning Committee thought the draft was approved at the end of last year.

Action: Theresia Fisher will review minutes from last year and contact Jeanne Hites to determine that the 4/30/02 draft was finalized. Send finalized copy to committee before next meeting.

National Survey of Student Engagement:
The Strategic Planning Committee commented on the National Survey of Student Engagement. The survey was completed in Spring 2001 and will be done again in Spring 2003. Committee members felt the survey might be useful in college discussions and could provide opportunities for improvement. Noted that individual faculty are absorbed in teaching classes and serving on committees. They may not be aware of SCSU's retention rates and how that impacts them.

Motion: Motion (Malekzadeh, Sivertson) that Theresia Fisher develop a statement for the list serve and college forums describing the retention issue and soliciting feedback from the campus community. Passed.

Committee members noted that enrollment targets need to match the university's capacity and resources. It may not make sense to retain students if we do not know the capacity we have to serve them. It was suggested that in the context of looking at improving retention, the university needs also to examine capacity as it relates to resources. Also stated that the philosophy in the past has been to "get more students." That has created a strain on the resources we have to offer freshmen. It was stated that to focus on retention of students would tend to fix that problem. It was stated that the question of determining capacity for the university should be addressed to the newly formed Enrollment Management Committee--how to expand and reconfigure enrollment. Should the Enrollment Management Committee be given the charge to figure out capacity and percentage of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and grad students? Noted that the Enrollment Management Committee, Academic Affairs Council and the Strategic Planning Committee would likely deal with different approaches to retention. How can coordination and collaboration take place between those committees?

Motion: Motion (Kilborn,Malekzadeh) that the co-chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and the chair of the Enrollment Management Committee meet with Michael Spitzer on a regular basis to coordinate overlapping activities and report back to the SPL committee. Passed.

Strategic Planning Website:
Noted that a large part of the Strategic Planning website is outdated. The website could be the primary communication mode to relay to the university community the goals/objectives of the Strategic Planning Committee, membership, role, subcommittees formed, etc.

Motion: Motion (Larkin, Palmer) that Lisa Helmin Foss be the web manager for Strategic Planning.

Communication Plan:
Last year's Strategic Planning Committee developed a communication plan.

Action: Lisa will forward copies to the committee. This will be on next week's agenda.

Central Minnesota Community Service Plan:
Lisa referenced III.A. of the 4/30/02 Draft of the Priority Strategic Goals:

III. St. Cloud State will establish practices that support internal and external community building.
       A. The University will establish and support a deliverable Central Minnesota Community Service Plan.

Toward that end, the President has established a Community Advisory Council. Twelve representatives from the St. Cloud/Stearns County area (for example: Jim Lee from District 742, Troy Fritz from Big Brothers, Teresa Bohnen from the Chamber of Commerce, Francis Januschka, former Stearns County Extension Agent, representatives from the St. Cloud Hospital, Excel Energy) meet quarterly with the President and the four vice presidents to strengthen community/university relations.

Action: Lisa will bring to the next Strategic Planning meeting the four primary areas of focus
identified with by the SCSU Community Advisory Council.

College Forums:

Motion: Motion (Klepetar, Palmer) that a sub-committee be formed to begin to organize college forums. Passed.

Action: Pat Krueger will convene sub-committee. Members: Ali Malekzadeh, Karen Thoms, Brenda Wentworth.

The question was asked how non-academic units of the university would be involved. It was stated that once a model was established, that model could be applied to MSUAASF and other bargaining units.

Meeting adjourned.