Strategic Planning Committee Subcommittee on University Community Relations

Focus Group Feedback

  • If we are small, why? The College of Fine Arts and Humanities is the most public college in the university and the community. The university/community relations are very limited. This needs improvement.
  • Can colleges market themselves (individually) to the community (especially the College of Fine Arts and Humanities)?
  • There are no goals in the current version that relates to SCSU as a place to work. SCSU is a larger employer in the St. Cloud area, not just students going through.
  • There needs to be some statement regarding the relationship with MnSCU. Have to understand the relationship.
  • The community partnerships priority goal is rather thin. Are we going to rely on MnSCU for resources or are we going to build community alliances to help support our efforts? We need to raise moral capital in the community so that we aren’t so vulnerable to changes in the economy or to bad press. We need allies.
  • We need a priority goal that the University will be well managed, transparent in it operations (people should know where we get our resources and how they are spent). Politics plays too much of a role in what is supported and how things are done.
  • Self-promotion must come from the faculty
  • Concern about negative voices being much louder than positive – without denying that both positives and negatives exist.