Strategic Planning Committee Subcommittee on on Service Community

Focus Group Feedback

College of Business

University needs to align resources to match activity. This affects all the priority strategic goals, but we see a particular relationship to goal 2, as service to students is strongly affected by resources. This would include key services like advising, career services, counseling, campus-wide tutoring, residential life, etc.

College of Education

  1. Raise admissions requirements.
  2. Concerns about the relationship between diversity and social justice affect goal 2 (service community) as well as goal 5 (diversity and social justice). COE worried that focus is on diversity, while it should be on social justice. A more just community would encourage a greater level of diversity.
  3. Need for assessment. This affects all the priority strategic goals, but is very important for goal 2. We need to constantly assess the effectiveness of our service, which greatly affects campus climate and student success. Set up regular assessment process so we would have access to trend data.
  4. Create more opportunities for intra-college and collegial relations.
  5. Advising was sited as a concern as it might become a part of the faculty load. The concern was that it takes a significant amount of time - if done right - and that it should be considered as a part of workload. The advent of the advising center was sited as important in that gen. ed. advising is being done there more effectively, but the need to tie major advising and early mentoring should be added to that effort.

College of Fine Arts/Humanities

  1. Entire strategic plan too vague.
  2. We need to give value to what faculty do outside the classroom that enhances student learning; for FAH this includes mentoring through individual meetings as well as rehearsals, lessons, etc.
  3. Clarify the educational role of SCSU to those making college decisions in order to provide better service. For example, make clear to students that professional programs at SCSU are infused with the liberal arts; make clear distinctions between SCSU and technical colleges. Students should not come here when their needs would be better served by specific training offered by a technical college. We need to make clear that a four-year degree includes the liberal arts.


Focused on Goals 1 and 4; No comments on Goal 2.

College of Science and Engineering

  1. Improve the campus environment for students and employees. While this is very broad, it does indicate concern with our service community as a whole.
  2. Concern that lack of course availability, especially for incoming first year students, negatively affects retention and recruiting.
  3. Increase student profile – i.e. raise admission standards and admit students best equipped for success.
  4. Clarify our commitment to preparing students for the global environment. What do we mean? Currently we do not require either foreign language or any course work in global issue, though these are available.

College of Social Science

  1. Decide on the “right” size for SCSU – how many students can we serve well?
  2. Define what we mean by “community,” especially as scholars in different fields use the term differently.
  3. Need goals that relate to SCSU as a just work environment.
  4. What is the relationship between large classes (auditorium sized) and retention? These may be excellent courses per se, but students seem to be having a problem with the lack of contact with faculty.
  5. Clarify what we mean by liberal arts. Does this refer to the general education program or also to capstone courses in majors? While this relates largely to goal 1, it also affects student perception of the kind of institution we are – who are we and who are we serving?
  6. Concern about consistency in applying policies, including rules and regulations. Do policies have meaning if someone allows waivers on a regular basis?