Strategic Planning Committee Subcommittee on Diversity and Social Justice

Focus Group Feedback

  • Focus is on diversity and not social justice. There’s no social justice in the goal. Social justice involves issues of power and privilege, concrete awareness and lived experience.
  • Decide how can our attention to social justice add value to the university.
  • How does diversity add value to the University? How and why is it important?
  • How are students treated? Relates to retention.
  • Provide equity and access.
  • Difference between domestic Asian American vs Asian International students needs to be clarified.
  • Maybe we need to recognize other groups as well (e.g. disabled, Somoli students, etc.)
  • KPI’s should look at if students move successfully into the classroom – portfolios, follow-up study, etc.
  • Placement of graduates – did they get the jobs or positions they wanted.
  • Systemic inequities.
  • Is there a disconnect between what we are taught (or teach) and what we live?
  • What about regular surveys and focus groups on a schedule that will tell us how we’re doing.