Overview of Strategic Planning

Definition of strategic planning:

Strategic planning involves the entire process of defining the future direction and character of the institution, and of attempting over an adopted timetable to attain the desired state to accomplish related goals and outcomes.

Obviously, the current Strategic Planning Committee cannot accomplish all of this by December of 1996. Therefore, we are focusing our efforts on the "front end" of this process. A more limited view is that strategic planning involves clarifying the institution's mission, assessing its resources, and examining the environment to determine what the institution's priorities (shared vision) and strategies (plans for action) should be. Further, it is the process of developing a fit between the institution's goals (shared vision leads to identification of institutional goals) and capabilities (resources) and its changing opportunities. Even more simply, it is setting institutional goals which match (fit) its capabilities to identified opportunities.

President Grube's Charge:

"The ultimate result of strategic planning is the articulation of a clear vision for the future. At SCSU the cumulative effects of statewide reorganization, declining enrollment and low and declining per student funding create an unusual and severe necessity for strategic planning. This process creates a means for faculty, staff and students, together, to review the external and internal "environments," evaluate alternatives, and build consensus for a common vision and desired future. This plan will lead to the achievement of national eminence through the development and support of excellence."

Key Elements of the Strategic Vision

(Strategic Decision Areas)

Basic Mission Basic purposes of the enterprise and guiding principles for behavior
Clientele Target audiences of the institution
Program/service mix Program offerings and priorities of the institution
Comparative advantage The competitive position to be established by the institution
Objectives What the organization must accomplish in order to move from the existing to the desired state of affairs

Working outline of the strategic planning document

  • Unversity mission
  • University values
  • What do we want to be and how do we recommend getting there
  • External and internal information found critical to final plan (including planning assumptions)
  • The structure and organization of the SCSU strategic planning process