Meet the 2001-2002 Strategic Planning Committee


Jeanne Hites
Learning Resources and Information Media
CH 222, Ext. 4823


Edward Addo
SH 349, Ext. 4165

Bassy Eyo
Comm Studies
MS 153, Ext. 3033

Theresia Fisher
Faculty Association (president)
PAC 205-7, Ext. 3979

Bonnie Hedin
Learning Resources, Spec. Serv.
CH 103, Ext. 4771

Balsy Kasi
Environmental & Technology Studies
HH 206, Ext. 3132

Andrew Larkin
Faculty Association (president elect)
PAC 205-7, Ext. 3979

Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir
MS 367, Ext. 3198

Glen Palm
Child/Family Studies, COE
EB B124, Ext. 2129

John Palmer
EBA120A, Ext. 2246

Aspasia Rigopoulou-Melcher
Community Studies
SH 335, Ext. 5225

Karen Thoms
Ex Officio, FCTE
MC310B, 529-1502

Jay Vora
Management, COB
BB157, Ext. 3911

Brenda Wentworth
Ex Officio, Assessment Office
MC310C, 202-0907

Administrative Representatives

Pat Krueger (MSUAASF Rep.)
AS 115, Ext. 2244

Mary Soroko (MSUAASF Rep.)
Institutional Research and Planning
AS 102, 654-5317

Addie Turkowski
Career Services
AS101, Ext. 2151

Support (AFSCME)

Diane Decker (AFSCME Rep.)
Buildings & Grounds, NOC
Ext. 2266

Campus Support

Fred Walker
Assistant Director Minority Academic Support Center
EB B121, Ext. 3976

Professional Support (MAPE)


Shajehan Ganny

Excluded Management

John Burgeson
Dean, Continuing Studies
CCS, Ext. 3081

Ex Officio

Diana Burlison
Assoc. V.P. for Admin. Affairs
AS 205, Ext. 2266

Lisa Foss
AS 207, Ext. 4028

Support Staff

Subimal Chopra
Graduate Assistant
AS 205. Ext. 2286

Lucie Schwartzkopf
Administrative Affairs
AS 205, Ext. 2286