Institutional Values

A task force during Summer of 2001 examined the mission, vision and values. The values stated by that task force, and confirmed through meetings and other data collection methods throughout Fall 2001 are:

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Commitment to Intellectual and Creative Vitality
  • Fostering and Nurturing Relationships
  • Appreciation of Diversity that Promotes Social Justice

Core Values Statement

SCSU is a learning community that values excellence and integrity, is committed to intellectual and creative vitality, appreciates human diversity, and promotes global consciousness and social justice.

Values Survey(as of 12/17/96)

An earlier extensive survey of students, alumni and faculty shows the values stated above are consistent in the areas of diversity, intellectual vitality and learning. Emerging in the last five years are concerns for relationships and integrity.

By the end of October 1996, the results of the student and alumni polls on the internal environment at St. Cloud State University were compiled. They showed a very high priority for physical safety and freedom from harassment, fairness to all. Likewise preparation for career and life after graduation stand out as areas of concern for both groups. Alumni also ranked personal growth and intellectual inquiry as important values. Students, meanwhile, favor support for cultural diversity.

The results of the faculty and staff survey analysis shows overlapping values with these data and those of the student and alumni surveys. What emerges is a picture of a university community with strong shared values around the issues of fairness, security and freedom from harassment. Likewise, there is a commitment to democratic and open processes in running the university. A cursory review of issues involving a sense of community reveals a large disparity between the desire to foster intellectual inquiry (4.56 on 5.0 scale) and the reality of our current environment (3.07).