News and Announcements (2000-2001)

Jeanne Hites has been named Strategic Planning Committee Chair for the 2000-2001 Academic Year.

2000-2001 Goals

  • Integration of Plans. Completion of an academic plan including the plans of all five colleges, graduate and continuing studies in 2000 will allow us to integrate all unit plans into a single cohesive plan that will accomplish our goals in each of the strategic theme areas. While other unit plans were completed earlier and implementation has proceeded, al plans can now be examined for how the themes are addressed, overlaps, gaps, complementarity. Recommendations will be made to the units for any changes deemed necessary.
  • Key Performance Indicators. Identification of key performance indicators (university-wide) based on data deemed important/critical to the success of this organization (ensure focus on priorities) will be completed.
  • Data Collection Cycle. The earlier internal and external environmental scan revealed a disparity between SCSU's perception of itself and others' perceptions of us. Since the scans, a campaign, however informal, has been conducted to address the disparity. It is recommended that the scans again be conducted to assess our progress against the goals in this area. This should be conducted within the context of a systematically planned and conducted data collection cycle based on what should be collected to measure our performance and identify baseline/comparison data.
  • Creation of Planning Timelines and Structure. Timelines and structures will be recommended to facilitate plan renewal and correction. As plans are implemented, they will need to be monitored or assessed, and decisions will need to be made on revision of plans/goals as appropriate so that strategic planning at this institution can be successfully implemented in the future. In this way, units can obtain the data necessary for accountability and good decision-making, and resources can be allocated according to institutional priorities.
  • Strategic Planning Visibility and Involvement. It is important that strategic planning at SCSU remain an open, lively and engaging process in which the entire academic community can be involved. In this way, we should be able to hear all voices and capitalize on the the expertise available on the campus to challenge ideas and structures which need challenging and create outcomes that are effective and persistent. In order to do this, we need to use the communication tools available to notify members of the academic community of meetings, recommendations and actions and to share the successes and challenges created through implementation of the strategic plan.