St. Cloud State University
Strategic Planning Committee Revised Minutes
April 5, 2001, 7:45 a.m. St. Croix

Members Present: Jim Bertram, Bonnie Hedin, Jeanne Hites, Judy Kilborn, Pat Krueger, Glen Palm, Mike Pesch, Mary Soroko, Addie Turkowski

Members Absent: Deb Binsfeld, John Burgeson, Marlene DeVoe, Judy Foster, Debra Japp, Arthur Mehrhoff, John Palmer, Karen Thoms, Jay Vora, Fred Walker, Brenda Wentworth, and Eric Wimberger

Support Staff: Subimal Chopra and Lucie Schwartzkopf

  1. Hand-outs distributed.
  2. Academic Affairs white papers are scheduled to be ready for review by the Strategic Planning Committee by May 1, 2001.
  3. Jeanne gave an update on the Faculty Forum day yesterday.
    1. A large amount of the discussion revolved around vision and mission. Steve Frank has been funded by the president's office to do a survey to obtain an update on the campus view of vision. People reported on their experiences, questions, and concerns with a current phone survey.
    2. Other concerns from the meeting yesterday were to caution people from using the term "consensus" and replace it with terms such as "general agreement", etc.
    3. How is the culture on campus tied with strategic planning? An assessment was made that SCSU has gone from a centralized form of government to a decentralized form with reservation by the government to change decisions. Where's the partnership?
    4. Discussion took place of whether to split mission and vision. Leanings were to keep mission and vision together.
  4. Minutes from March 22, 2001, were approved as amended.
  5. Reformulation was discussed. Is it realistic? Dates may not be realistic. Discussion of having summer staff vs. non-summer staff transpired. The point was made that several people may have issues with work being
  6. Role of Institutional Research discussed. Some of the issues are: A cycle for collecting data, and a data base.
  7. Judy Foster was not present to comment on if the president agreed to attend a strategic planning meeting before the end of the fiscal year.
  8. If the vision and mission will be updated, the committee wants to know if the president wants it done during the summer. The committee discussed that it would be beneficial to notify the campus community prior to summer if it will be worked on during the summer. Another option mentioned was to offer the president the choices that have been discussed, and ask if he wants to choose to claim a mission and vision. After Glen Palm suggested how to present this last idea to the president, he then agreed to join Jeanne Hites in trying to have a meeting with the president prior to May.
  9. Jeanne Hites asked the committee to look over KPI's for consistency and get back to her with any input.

Planned meeting times

Thursday, April 19, 2001, 7:45 am - 9:00 am, St. Croix
Thursday, May 03, 2001, 7:45 am - 9:00 am, St. Croix