Service Community

Chair: Pat Krueger

A Service Community will lead to a more respectful and secure campus environment for everyone. This includes:

  • Placing students as our first priority in everything we do.
  • More flexible instructional and service systems for students.
  • Advising that is accessible, accurate, provides information on careers, and addresses transitional issues and the needs of diverse students.
  • Training and development on needs and issues of international students, faculty, and staff.
  • Recognition and use of the talents and resources of faculty, staff, and students who have lived abroad, international students, and community resources that foster a global outlook.
  • Valuing communication and the free and open exchange of ideas.

Service Community Subcommittee Report: 2000

Committee Members

Pat Krueger, Chair
AS115, x2244

Steve Klepetar
R113, x3937

Kathy Mansfield
Fin. Aid
AS106, x2047

Jessica Ostman
Student Life
AMC118, x2205

Gretchen Tiberghien
Mass Comm
SH134, x2983

Scott Johnson
Bus - intern
BB310, x4057

Deborah Tamte-Horan
AS118, x4032

Bonnie Hedin
MC220, x4771

John Gammell
HH101, x3119

Addie Turkowski
Career Serv
AS101, x2151