University-External Relationships

Chair: Arthur Mehrhoff

University-External Relationships will be the key to many of our aspirations. Community perception of the value that the University provides determines the level of our support. As a public university, SCSU has the responsibility to be a leading force in intellectual, cultural, and economic development and contribute to the fabric of central Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. This includes:

  • Applied scholarly and creative activities on community issues.
  • Developing relationships that allow students and faculty to be aware of work and career outside the University.
  • Strengthening the relationship between alumni and the University.
  • Building multicultural and international relationships that provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to expand their experiences.
  • Use of technology to enhance our range and quality of relationships.
  • Providing resources through these relationships to enhance learning

University-External Relationships Strategic Plan

Committee Members

Arthur Mehrhoff, Chair
Comm. St.
SH 337, x3107

Mary Soroko
CS, x5041

Glen Palm
EBB124, x2129

John Palmer
EB A120A, x2246

John Burgeson
Cont. Studies
CCS, x3081

Debbie Binsfeld
MC220-8, x2089