Academic Distinction

Chair: Judy Kilborn

Academic Distinction goes to the heart of the University's aspirations and springs from its heritage of excellence. This includes:

  • A quality educational environment.
  • Focus on excellence and distinctiveness.
  • A community of open and vigorous intellectual inquiry.
  • Career-focused education with a strong liberal arts foundation.
  • Preparing students, faculty, and staff to function effectively in a diverse, global environment.
  • Cultivation of adequate resources for the attainment of distinction.
  • Applied research and scholarly or creative activities, particularly student-faculty and community-focused projects.
  • Critical consideration and skillful integration of technology into academic pursuit and administrative tasks.

Academic Distinction Strategic Plan

Committee Members

Judy Kilborn, Chair
R107, x3109

Judy Foster
FA Pres.
PA 205, X3979

Karen Thoms
MC310B, 529-1502

Beverly Stadum
AS210, x4945

Dennis Nunes
Grad Studies
AS121, x2113

A. I. Musah
MS145, x2192

Brenda Wentworth
MC310D, x0907

Chunsheng Zhang
Intn'l Studies
CIS, x4287

Jay Vora
BB157, x 3911