April 29, 1999

MEMBERS PRESENT: Deb Binsfeld, Mary Cleary, Mir Md. Tariqul Haider, Jeanne Hites, Rich Josephson, Sid Parham, Lucie Schwartzkopf, and Karen Wenz.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Shahzad Ahmad, Marlene DeVoe, Bonnie Hedin, Jayantha Herath, Ravi Kalia, Vicki Kirkhorn, Pat Krueger, Bill Langen, Bruce Miles, Jim Pehler, Katherine Pesola, Jill Peterson, Doug Polley, Tom Stein Brett Sween, Leslie Valdes, and Fred Walker

Sid Parham called for a motion to approve the minutes from last week. Deb Binsfeld moved to accept the minutes, and Jeanne Hites seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

Sid Parham requested feed-back from attendees on the draft of the Strategic Planning Committee Report. He thanked those who offered feedback already. He said he plans for the report to be presented at President's Council next week.

Tentatively plan for Thursday, September 16 at 7:45 to be our first meeting.

Sid announced he is to leave on May 15, 1999. He would like people to get him phone numbers, fax numbers, etc. prior to his departure that he may need while he is gone.

Members are reminded to talk with the unit they represent about whether they will be serving next year. If you are resigning from the committee, please inform the group that elected you.

When you have your available times for meeting in the fall, please send them to Administrative Affairs.