Minutes of October 1, 1998 7:45 a.m. Mississippi

MEMBERS PRESENT: Deb Binsfeld, Marlene DeVoe, Jeanne Hites, Rich Josephson, Ravindra Kalia, Vicki Kirkhorn, Pat Krueger, Bill Langen, Jill Minden, Sid Parham, Doug Polley

MEMBERS ABSENT: Shahzad Ahmad, Mary Cleary, Bruce Miles, Brett Sween, Jim Pehler, Katherine (Kat) Pesola, Karen Wenz

STAFF: Leslie Valdes, Mir Md. Tariqul Haider


Retreat - If you have any ideas or suggestions about a retreat for strategic planning, please let the chair know. The Ad hoc group thought it would be best next semester.

Planned meeting times:

Thursday, Oct. 15 at 7:45 in Mississippi
Thursday, Oct. 29 at 7:45 in Mississippi

Planned ad hoc group meeting times:

Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 8:30 in SH 227
Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 8:30 in SH 227

Products that the Strategic Planning Committee will create What should the content of the SPC report for the end of the year be? To whom is it presented? What other accomplishments besides a report should we aim for?

In the report, we should:

  • document changes that have occurred as a result of strategic planning.
  • update changes in the plan.
  • document the process used by the committee and the subcommittees.

Other goal for the year: interacting with other planners

Requested presentations from other planners:

Student Life and Development (10/15/98)
College of Education (10/15/98)
College of Business
Learning Resources and Technology Services Enrollment Management
MnSCU on its strategic plan
Ali Malekzadeh on strategic planning

Subcommittee reports:

Subcommittees are asked to send in the name of the current subchair. At the next subcommittee meeting, subcommittees are asked to discuss whether the current bimonthly meeting schedule works for them and if they would be ready for a formal presentation to the committee and President on October 29.


Propose is to have a two page description of activities of strategic planning with the help of University Communications every two weeks. Open letter from Sid Parham could be the first one. After that one subcommittee's work could be highlighted. The Chronicle could be approached to publish this information as well.

Agenda Planning