September 11, 1998 7:45 a.m. Watab-Sauk

MEMBERS PRESENT: Shahzad Ahmad, Deb Binsfeld, Mary Cleary, Marlene DeVoe, Rich Josephson, Ravindra Kalia, Vicki Kirkhorn, Pat Krueger, Bill Langen, Jill Minden, Sid Parham, Jim Pehler, Katherine (Kat) Pesola, Doug Polley, Brett Sween

MEMBERS ABSENT: Jeanne Hites, Bruce Miles

Staff: Leslie Valdes, Linda Fuchs

Guests: President Bruce Grube, Vice President Gene Gilchrist, Nominated M.A.P.E. representative Karen Wenz


New to the committee

  • Mir Md. Tariqul Haider - graduate assistant
  • Linda Fuchs - clerical support staff
  • Pat Krueger, Associate Director for Admissions, Administrative rep.
  • Brett Sween, Student Government Senator at large, student rep.

Reappointments to the committee

  • Bruce Miles, College of Education, Faculty rep.
  • Jim Pehler, Past Faculty Association President, Faculty rep.
  • Jeanne Hites, Special Services, Faculty rep.

Resignations from the committee

  • Rubin Stenseng, Administrative Computing, Professional Support rep.
  • Steve Ludwig, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management, support staff
  • Gretchen Schendzielos, Student rep.

Members were asked to give their available meeting times. Next meeting is Friday, September 18th, at 7:45 a.m. in the Mississippi Room, Atwood Center.

The Service and Diversity and Social Justice subcommittees need additional members.

There is two course reassign time or equivalent for non-faculty for the chair of the committee.

Working assumptions and ground rules for the committee

Subcommittee reports
Academic Distinction Presenter: Sid Parham
The Subcommittee members will be meeting with department Chairs and Program Directors about the definition of Academic Distinction.

Ad Hoc Presenter: Leslie Valdes
Although the membership will remain open,the chair of the whole committee and the subcommittee chairs should attend the Ad Hoc group's meetings. The Ad Hoc group would meet regularly with administration. The Ad Hoc group would assist in coordinating the data collection efforts.

Diversity and Social Justice Presenter: Bill Langen
Throughout the spring and summer 1998 the work group met with groups or representatives of groups relevant to our mission to gather their concerns, their information, and their suggestions. Not all groups have been met with yet. Three emerging patterns were identified: problem with a lack of institutional data, MnSCU's disinterest in diversity and social justice, and concerns about funding for activities. There is at once general satisfaction for past efforts, especially in hiring faculty of color, and a virtual across the board fear that issues of diversity and social justice could dissolve in the background in the face of future crises.

External Relationships Presenter: Jim Pehler
Will survey businesses who employed SCSU graduates on their perception of SCSU.

Information Technology Presenter: Rich Josephson
Subcommittee will work on dissemination of the TLTR(Teaching Learning Technology Roundtable).

Service Presenter: Leslie Valdes
Opening for sub chair. Attached is outline of tasks for sub committee.

Charge of the committee Presenters: Bruce Grube and Gene Gilchrist
See attached.

Discussion of charge

Nomination of chair
People can volunteer or nominate someone but the person has to agree to the nomination.
Nominations should be e-mailed to Leslie ( by Thursday, September 17th, 2:00 p.m. Leslie will send out nominations via e-mail on Thursday.
Election will be held on September 18th.

Process evaluations