October 18, 1996

MEMBERS PRESENT: Shahzad Ahmad, Dick Andzenge, Jo Ann Asquith, Brad Chisholm, Bruce October 18, 1996 Ellis,Yvonne Getchell, Mike Hayman, Jeanne Hites, Richard Johnson, Rich Josephson, Bill Langen, Kathleen Maloney, Denise McGuire, Lu Meemken, Kate Mooney, Jim Pehler, Sue Pope, Lora Robinson, Greg Scherber, Gretchen Starks-Martin, Rubin Stenseng, Annette Wilson

STAFF:* Sandy Isberner, Karen Schmid, Bill Tschida

GUEST: Members from Cultural Diversity Committee: Robert Johnson, Jackie Zieglmeier, Nancy Harles

*Those present are underlined.

Both meetings were called to order by L. Robinson. L. Robinson distributed copies of the working agenda at the October 18th meeting. As a follow-up to October 8th meeting. L. Robinson reported that she, President Grube, Gene Gilchrist and J. Pehler would meet again to discuss the President's charge.

  1. Minutes
    The minutes dated October 4th and 8th were mailed to committee members and were accepted as distributed at the October 18th meeting.
  2. Dates and Times for Strategic Planning Committee Meetings
    S. Isberner reported at the October 22nd meeting that the November 11th retreat would be at the Kelly Inn in St. Cloud from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Coffee, juice and rolls would be served at 8:30 a.m. and the large group would meet at 9:00 a.m. Lunch would be served at noon. Parking is free in the Kelly Inn parking lot. Committee members would bring PCs so that each subgroup would have access to one.
  3. Reading List
    Not discussed.
  4. Coordination of all SPC Data Gathering (Surveys, etc.) and Time Schedule for Sharing Information Gleaned

    At the October 18th meeting there was discussion as to where the data set will reside and what is its purpose after the committee has extracted information from it. The committee agreed the information would be arranged so that data cannot be linked to a specific unit. In addition, the original data set will be returned to the unit and any copies made by the committee will be destroyed. L. Robinson distributed a draft memo addressing these issues for the committee's review.

    B. Langen reported that the values survey data for alumni and students would be ready in the next few days. K. Mooney extended the deadline of October 25th for the internal subgroup questionnaire. S. Pope reported the support staff survey had been mailed out and they seemed to be getting back a good response.

    M. Hayman reported two student focus groups had met to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the university and trying to assess the univeristy environment.
    J. Pehler reported media survey would be mailed out in a few days. The legislative survey would be timed to be returned after the election. The survey would also be mailed to any legislators just elected who hadn't receive it previsouly.
  5. Campus town meetings request from MnSCU (attached)
    At the October 18th meeting J. Pehler reported that Sue Prout, the president's assistant, has scheduled the town meeting that Chancellor Judith Eaton had requested. The meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, October 31, 1996 a t3:00 p.m. in Centennial Hall, Room 100. Strategic Planning Committee members are encouraged to attend.
  6. Inform the Committee about Strategic Planning in District 742
    At the October 22nd meeting K. Schmid reported that she and R. Stenseng had met with several individuals involved with the District 742 strategic planning process. She explained their process, timeline and their request for more communication, dialogue, and interacation between the district and SCSU.
  7. Fall Forums on Strategic Planning
    L. Robinson reminded committee of remaining forums. She also stated that she would prepare an overview of forums when they were finished.
  8. Review where we are on our draft SCSU Vision Statement
    Not discussed.
  9. Cultural Diversity (10/22 @ 8:00 AM)
    Robert Johnson had a two-fold purpose that he brought to the committee: 1) to answer questions on the cultural diversity committee's report and initiative; and 2) to argue for inclusion of a strong cultural diversity statement as a priority within the strategic planning committee vision statement.

    He also reported that since the 1988 initiative some minority student groups enrollment had increased, some had remained stagnant. Also, short-term retention is good, but long-term is not. Faculty and staff hiring of minorities had increased, while administrative and managerial had not.

    He stressed the need for more outreach programs to enhance the number of minority students attending SCSU and to make the community of color feel that SCSU would be a college of choice to meet their needs as far as having a critical mass or support groups.
  10. Other Loose Ends
    L. Robinson reported that the second draft of the NCA report is out and distributed one copy to each subgroup chair.
  11. The next scheduled meeting is Friday, November 1, 1996 at 7:45 AM, North Voyageur Room.