OCTOBER 4, 1996

MEMBERS PRESENT: Shahzad Ahmad, Dick Andzenge, Jo Ann Asquith, Brad Chisholm, Bruce Ellis,Yvonne Getchell, Mike Hayman, Jeanne Hites, Richard Johnson, Rich Josephson, Bill Langen, Kathleen Maloney, Denise McGuire, Lu Meemken, Kate Mooney, Jim Pehler, Sue Pope, Lora Robinson, Greg Scherber, Gretchen Starks-Martin, Rubin Stenseng, Annette Wilson

STAFF:* Sandy Isberner, Karen Schmid, Bill Tschida

GUEST: Gene Gilchrist, Vice President for Administrative Affairs

*Those present are underlined.

Both meetings were called to order by L. Robinson. L. Robinson distributed copies of the working agenda; two articles from Higher Education & National Affairs entitled "Panel Cites Major Flaws in Teacher Ed Training" and "Campuses Adjusting to New Realities, ACE Survey Finds"; memo from Judith Eaton to MnSCU presidents regarding the campus town meetings; an article from the St. Cloud Times entitled "Is College Tough Enough"; and Missions/Visions/Values at Competitor or Peer Universities (Southwest Missouri State University).

  1. Minutes
    The minutes dated September 20th and 24th were mailed to committee members and were accepted as distributed at the October 8th meeting.
  2. Dates and Times for Strategic Planning Committee Meetings
    Not discussed.
  3. Reading List
    K. Schmid distributed an updated reading list dated 10/3/96 at the 10/4/96 meeting.
  4. Review President Grube's Charge to the SPC
    On October 4, 1996, the committee had much discussion over President Grube's charge relating to recreation, anthropology and American studies. Unanimous agreement on how to proceed could not be reached. The committee agreed to have L. Robinson invite President Grube to the October 8, 1996 committee meeting to discuss this aspect of the committee's charge.

    Gene Gilchrist, a guest at the October 8, 1996 committee meeting, addressed President Grube's charge relating to the three programs as outlined in President Grube's memo dated May 1, 1996. Dr. Gilchrist reminded the committee that they had accepted the charge of giving specific consideration to these programs. He also informed the committee that the three programs had been addressed during the 1995- 96 budget process, that they were well aware of the decisions made and that the administration will again look at these programs after the Strategic Planning Committee makes their recommendation.

    The strategic planning committee reiterated that criteria for reviewing departments/programs was being developed during this phase of the strategic planning process and would then, if adopted, be applied to all units during the detailed planning phase of strategic planning. The committee requested that these three programs be treated like all programs and be reviewed in the later phase.

    The strategic planning committee decided to continue its dialogue on this issue through Robinson, Gilchrist and Grube.
  5. Coordination of all SPC Data Gathering (Surveys, etc.) and Time Schedule for Sharing Information Gleaned.
    K. Mooney distributed questions for student focus groups. The questions were approved with minor changes. The institutional values survey and internal environment surveys were to be mailed out the week of October 14, 1996
  6. Fall Forums on Strategic Planning
    There was a reminder to committee members to attend remaining forums ensuring at least one representative from each working subgroup. The first forum was well attended and successful.
  7. Review Where We Are in the Strategic Planning Process
    The majority of committee members felt we were on target, but were concerned about meeting the December deadline.
  8. Inform the Committee about Strategic Planning in District 742
    K. Schmid distributed the strategic planning materials on the process in District 742. Discussion of this information will be scheduled at a later strategic planning committee meeting.
  9. Other Loose Ends
    The committee suggested inviting the cultural diversity committee to a future committee meeting. Mike Baker, who replaces Amy Nord as a student representative on the committee, was introduced. He will be working with J. Pehler's external group
  10. The next scheduled meeting is Friday, October 18, 1996 at 7:45 AM, North Voyageur Room.