JUNE 12, 1996

MEMBERS PRESENT:* Shahzad Ahmad, Dick Andzenge, Jo Ann Asquith, Brad Chisholm, Bruce Ellis, Yvonne Getchell, Mike Hayman, Jeanne Hites, Richard Johnson, Rich Josephson, Bill Langen, Kathleen Maloney, Denise McGuire, Lu Meemken, Kate Mooney, Amy Nord, Jim Pehler, Sue Pope, Lora Robinson, Greg Scherber, Gretchen Starks-Martin, Rubin Stenseng, Annette Wilson

STAFF:* Sandy Isberner, Karen Schmid, Bill Tschida

*Those present are underlined.

The meeting was called to order by L. Robinson.

  1. Minutes
    The minutes for May 22, 1996 meeting, which had been mailed to committee members, were reviewed. The minutes were accepted as distributed, except S. Pope's name was to be underlined as she was in attendance at the previous meeting.

    L. Robinson distributed copies of the working agenda.

    The committee discussed the definition of Strategic Planning that R. Johnson brought to the May 22nd meeting. The committee agreed that it would be added to the Proposed Skeleton for Developing Strategic Vision as an additional definition under Strategic Planning Process.
  2. Proposed Dates and Times for Strategic Planning Committee Meetings
    L. Robinson will add the rooms of meetings for fall and winter quarters to the next Agenda. An attendance sheet was passed around to committee members for the June 28, 1996 retreat. L. Robinson informed the committee that a facilitator would be at the retreat. Also, subgroups will report what they have learned at the retreat.
  3. Reading List
    In K. Schmid's absence, give reading material to B. Tschida.
  4. Who are we? (Internal environment)
    Working Group report: First draft of framework of core questions for collecting data done. Deciding on criteria for inclusion. Next meeting will be scheduled after today's meeting.
  5. Working Group:
    Shahzad Ahmad, M. Hayman, J. Hites, R. Johnson, D. McGuire, L. Meemken, K. Mooney, A. Nord, S. Pope, G. Scherber, G. Starks-Martin, B. Tschida Institutional Values Working Group report: Reviewed faculty surveys of institutional goals and values and will prepare their survey based primarily on one entitled Institution Goals and Inventory. Next meeting scheduled for June 17, 1996 at 9:00 AM. Working Group: D. Andzenge, B. Chisholm, B. Ellis, B. Langen, K. Maloney, L. Robinson 5.
  6. Working Group report: R. Stenseng and R. Josephson (technical/competitive)preparing list of names/titles of people to include in subgroups. J. Asquith and Y. Getchell (social/demographic) are checking with state demographer and survey of new students. J. Pehler and A. Wilson (political/economic) gathering information from 1990 Gallop Poll, Alumni Poll on feelings towards SCSU, contacting local community members identified first by key people in institutional relations office. Working Group: J. Asquith, Y. Getchell, R. Josephson, J. Pehler, K. Schmid, R. Stenseng, A. Wilson
  7. was not discussed.
  8. The committee had nothing to add to their working rules from the Code of Ethics for the Professional Planner.
  9. Items to be added to retreat agenda were group socialization, revisit our charge, institutional mission, institutional vision, and communications.
  10. The next scheduled meeting is June 17, 1996 at 2:30 PM, North Voyageurs Room.