May 22, 1996

MEMBERS PRESENT: Shahzad Ahmad, Dick Andzenge, Jo Ann Asquith, Brad Chisholm, Bruce Ellis, Yvonne Getchell, Mike Hayman, Jeanne Hites, Richard Johnson, Rich Josephson, Bill Langen, Kathleen Maloney, Denise McGuire, Lu Meemken, Kate Mooney, Amy Nord, Jim Pehler, Sue Pope, Lora Robinson, Greg Scherber, Gretchen Starks-Martin, Rubin Stenseng, Annette Wilson

STAFF:* Sandy Isberner, Karen Schmid, Bill Tschida

*Those present are underlined.

The meeting was called to order by L. Robinson.

  1. Minutes
    The minutes were distributed for review. The minutes were accepted as distributed.

    L. Robinson distributed copies of Proposed Skeleton for Developing Strategic Vision. The committee agreed to delete the words cost effective from step 6, to concentrate on steps 1-5 now and concentrate on steps 6-8 after January, 1997.

    The committee discussed a definition of Strategic Planning that R. Johnson brought to the meeting. L. Robinson will make copies for distribution and discuss it further at the June 12 meeting.
  2. Proposed Dates and Times for Strategic Planning Committee Meetings
    No discussion.
  3. Reading List
    No discussion
  4. Who are we? (Internal environment)
    Shahzad Ahmad
    Kate Mooney*
    Mike Hayman
    Amy Nord
    Jeanne Hites
    Sue Pope
    Richard Johnson
    Greg Scherber
    Denise McGuire
    Gretchen Starks-Martin
    Lu Meemken
    Bill Tschida

    Institutional Values
    Dick Andzenge
    Bill Langen*
    Brad Chisholm
    Kathleen Maloney
    Bruce Ellis
    Lora Robinson

    *group coordinators
  5. Who are they? (External environment)
    Jo Ann Asquith
    Karen Schmid
    Yvonne Getchell
    Rubin Stenseng
    Richard Josephson
    Annette Wilson
    Jim Pehler*
  6. All subgroups met after the complete committee meeting.

    After subgroups met, each group coordinator reported to the committee as a whole. Institutional Values - The institutional values work group began listing an inventory of institutional values. Initial, draft and fragmentary ideas included: high perception of "ownership" of the institution, pursuit of quality, fairness, cross-disciplinarity, all students are taught by senior faculty, diversity. We will read and evaluate various goal/value survey reports. We will try to decide: 1) can we use an existing survey; 2) can we make up our own; and 3) can we alter an existing survey.

    External - Divided into three small group: 1) technical/competitive; 2) political/economic; and 3) social/ demographic. Also discussed setting up plan regarding where are we going and gathering contact names for working group.

    Internal - Formed buddy groups to develop core questions for working group research. Developed common core questions plus individual focused questions on each topic. Expect first draft of framework for doing research to be ready for the June 12th meeting.
  7. The next scheduled meeting is June 12, 1996 at 2:30-4:30 PM, North Voyageurs Room. The complete group will meet first and the subgroups after.