MAY 8, 1996

MEMBERS PRESENT: Shahzad Ahmad, Jo Ann Asquith, Brad Chisholm, Bruce Ellis, Yvonne Getchell, Mike Hayman, Jeanne Hites, Richard Johnson, Rich Josephson, Bill Langen, Kathleen Maloney, Lu Meemken, Kate Mooney, Amy Nord, Jim Pehler, Sue Pope, Lora Robinson, Greg Scherber, Karen Schmid, Gretchen Starks-Martin, Rubin Stenseng, Bill Tschida, Annette Wilson.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Dick Andzenge.

GUESTS: Bruce Grube, Eugene Gilchrist

STAFF: Sandy Isberner

The meeting was called to order by President Grube.

Chair Nominations:

R. Johnson nominated J. Asquith. J. Asquith declined the nomination. M. Hayman nominated L. Robinson. Motion passed to close nominations. A unanimous vote was cast for L. Robinson. L. Robinson then presided over the remainder of the meeting.
L. Robinson summarized the committee's task as assessing who we are today where are we going/what do we want to be and how do we get there A working agenda against this task will keep the committee moving forward.

The Committee then discussed whether the following three subcommittees were adequate to accomplish the committee's task as outlined above. The tentative agreement is to begin working with these three groupings. Institutional Strengths and Weaknesses working Group External Opportunities, Threats, and Constraints working group Institutional Values Committee working group

L. Robinson, J. Pehler, K. Schmid and J. Hites volunteered to analyze the strengths and weaknesses sections of university strategic plans from at least 10 other universities and share that information and criteria at the next scheduled meeting.

K. Schmid was going to check on getting a reserve set up in the library called strategic planning. Robinson will establish a strategic planning e-mail account on Tigger. Schmid was also going to try to get publisher permission to xerox section of books.

The Committee agreed to meet on Monday, May 13th, at 7:30 A.M. and Wednesday, May 15th at 7:30 A.M., South Voyageurs Room. Coffee, tea, juice and muffins will be provided. The Committee agreed to secure name badges for members to aid in identification. The Committee agreed to set up the room in a different configuration in order to facilitate discussion. The Committee agreed to provide schedules through fall to facilitate scheduling meetings well in advance. Robinson agreed to draft committee working rules and a working agenda to be considered on Monday.