Meet the 1996-97 Strategic Planning Committee

The following strategic planning committee members welcome your comments and suggestions for the University's strategic plan. Please feel free to contact them.


Dick Andzenge is associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice. Dick is the director of the department's Justice Research Center. He has just completed an internal assessment of that department in preparation for the Department's strategic planning for the year 2000 and beyond.. SH 244, ext. 654-5345, e-mail:

Jo Ann L. Asquith is associate professor of marketing. She represents the College of Business on the University Curriculum Committee and Semester Conversion Academic Subcommittee. She has extensive experience in developing strategic plans for businesses and non-profit organizations. BB 305, ext. 2207, e-mail:

Brad Chisholm is associate professor and chair of theater and film studies. PA 211, ext. 3228, e-mail:

Bruce Ellis is professor of Electrical Engineering. He joined the SCSU faculty in 1964 and has been chair of the Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Science Department and of the Electrical Engineering Department. He is a member of the faculty senate. ECC 205, ext. 4977, e-mail:

Jeanne Hites has experience with strategic planning for business and professional organizations. She is a faculty member of Learning Resources Services and teaches training and development, computer-based instruction design and research courses for the Center for Information Media. She also coordinates the LRS InforMedia Services. She CH 222, ext. 4823, e-mail:

Rich Josephson is a faculty member of Learning Resources Services and teaches in the Center for Information Media. He is active in working with regional companies to produce interactive multimedia for their training needs. CH 30, ext. 2069, e-mail:

Bill Langen has been an instructor in French and Russian at SCSU since 1969. He has served on several IFO committees and is chair of the foreign language department. BH 228, ext. 4390, e-mail:

Kathleen Maloney is an interdisciplinary social scientist who has been affiliated with St. Cloud State University since 1974. Her interest in strategic planning stems from her work in the field of future studies and she has had experience with strategic planning activities in three state university systems as well as having had training in strategic planning as part of a fellowship in academic administration. SH 363, ext. 654-5226, e-mail:

Richard Johnson, professor of special education . EB A282, ext. 4095, e-mail:

Denise McGuire, professor of biological sciences. MS 272, ext. 4975, e-mail:

Kate Mooney, professor and director, M.S. in accounting program, has been at SCSU for 10 years. She has won several teaching, research, and service awards including the 1996 Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Instructor Award. She also serves as the treasurer for the Faculty Senate. BB 252, ext. 4987, e-mail:

Gretchen Starks-Martin is assistant professor of counseling and related services and co-director of the Academic Learning Center. She is President-Elect of the Minnesota Association of Developmental Education and active in community literacy efforts. Gretchen is a member of the campus General Education Committee. SH 101, ext. 4942, e-mail:

Jim Pehler, an associate professor in the Learning Resource Center, serves as reference librarian, distance education library services facilitator, and teaches library research and internet courses for the Center for Information Media. Currently, he is serving as the president of the SCSU Faculty Association. CH 311, ext. 2053, e-mail:

Lora H. Robinson joined SCSU in 1979 as Director of Institutional Studies and Research. She joined the business computer information systems faculty in the College of Business in 1983. She was Faculty Association president in 1995-96. She is married Richard J., and has three children Rachel, Maria and Sandra and several pets. BB 201, ext. 2189, e-mail: strategicpcm@tigger.stcloudstate.ed


Shahzad Ahmad - Minority Student Programs AC 115, ext. 654-5151, e-mail:

Mike Hayman is director of Residential Life. He has been employed at SCSU since 1972. CRH, ext. 2166, e-mail:


Sue Pope has worked as the secretary for the Computer Science Department since 1985. She is the treasurer of AFSCME Local 753, the bargaining unit for clerical, technical and maintenance employees on campus and also serves on Local 753's clerical subcommittee. She has two children attending St. Cloud State University. ECC 139, ext. 4966, e-mail:

Greg Scherber is a plant maintenance engineer. He has worked in Buildings and Grounds for eight years. MB, ext. 3166, e-mail:

Professional Support

Rubin Stenseng is database administrator in the Administrative Computer Center, and adjunct faculty member teaching in the business computer information systems department of the College of Business. He is a twenty-three year employee of SCSU, and active in various campus, community, and social committees and activities. He is a life-long learner, interested in helping to make SCSU the best possible institution of higher education. CH 39, ext. 4191, e-mail:

Middle Management

Lu Meemken is the recruitment coordinator/office supervisor for Career Services. She has been employed by SCSU for 26 years and in that time span has served on various university committees. AS 101, ext. 2165, e-mail:

Excluded Management

Annette R. Wilson, special assistant to the president, has served as the in-house legal counsel and advisor to the president for the last eight years. She also has taught as an adjunct faculty member in the College of Business and at the Minnesota Correctional Facility - St. Cloud. AS 200, ext. 2122, e-mail: arwilson@stc2.stcloudstate


Yvonne Shannon Getchell completed her undergraduate degree at SCSU in business management, and currently is working on her masters degree in business administration. She is employed as a graduate assistant with the Graduate Studies Office and works as a restaurant manager at Flagstix at Pebble Creek in Becker. AS 121, ext. 2113, e-mail:

Committee Staff

Karen Schmid is assistant dean, College of Social Sciences. WH 101, ext. 4790, e-mail:

Bill Tschida is director of Human Resource Services. AS 204, ext. 3203, e-mail:

Sandy Isberner is secretary in Administrative Affairs. AS 205, ext. 2286,