Short -Term Faculty Improvement Grants

Grant awards support registration fees, travel, and per diem related to non-credit workshops or training programs 1-14 days in length that help prepare faculty for new types of teaching assignments, as well as strenthen current faculty assignments. They do not support attendance at annual meetings or professional conferences. The primary purpose of the grant is educational in focus. These grants are also designed to fund hands-on training and programs that, like workshops and non-credit courses, bring about a sustained focus on a single topic and demand active participation. A key criterion in determining eligibility is the interactive nature of the event for which you are applying.



Long-Term & Research Faculty Improvement Grants

Long-Term Grant awards support curriculum development, writing, study (work on a dissertation, pursuit of a terminal degre, study in a current or new discipline), and travel projects. Activities must be longer than 14 days and can occur during one or both summer sessions or for up to 20 weeks when a faculty member is not otherwise working or teaching at SCSU. Research grant awards support research and other scholarly activities.

New Researcher Awards

The purpose of the New Researcher Awards are to encourage recently hired faculty and staff to pursue external grant funding by providing some seed monies early in their career with the university. Nominations for awards are received from each college dean's office.

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University Research Funds

The University Researcher Fund was established in FY02 to assist individuals with the research costs related to preparing an effective external grant proposal of $25,000 or more for research, scholarly or creative activity. Probationary and tenured faculty and staff can apply for up to $5,000. Individuals working in collaboration or on closely related projects should apply as a group. The purpose of the University Researcher funding is to provide a multi-faceted support system to help individuals develop and hone the skills needed to be successful in seeking at least mid-level funding from external sources. The generation of indirect costs from external grants allows programs like this to continue.

Student Research Awards

These funds support academic research and creative activity by St. Cloud State University undergraduate and graduate students under the direction of a St. Cloud State University faculty member.

Saigo Endowment for Faculty and Staff Excellence Fund

The Saigos established the Saigo Endowment for Faculty and Staff Excellence Fund in 2007 out of a desire to help support faculty and staff in their ongoing professional development. The purpose of the fund is to encourage and assist faculty and staff with scholarly activities including professional presentations, performances and exhibitions; research and creative endeavors; and publications. All full-time permanent or temporary faculty and staff at St. Cloud State University are eligible to apply.

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Lowell Hellervik Award

The Hellervik Prize is St. Cloud State University’s premier prize for research, and encourages and rewards scholarly activity that holds the potential to earn external sponsorship and advance knowledge on issues of importance to society.



Research Instrumentation Funds

These funds are intended to improve the quality of faculty research and creative activity at St. Cloud State University by supporting the purchase of equipment and durable supplies not normally obtainable through annual University budgeting processes.