Researchers at St. Cloud State University are driven by the desire to serve. With ingenuity, imagination and passion, faculty and staff respond to real-world issues, interests and concerns by working closely with partners from education, government, business/industry and philanthropy.

Through this public service, faculty and staff gain additional professional expertise. They also mentor students by example, cultivating the next generation of creative, thoughtful and productive citizens. St. Cloud State University faculty and staff help:

  • Encourage regional economic vitality
  • Support business and government through technical assistance
  • Improve educational opportunities for children
  • Enhance the well-being of individuals and families
  • Build community capacity
  • Shape public policy
  • Expand access to the arts
  • Bring together people of different cultures and beliefs
  • Preserve cultural, historical and informational resources
  • Protect the environment, wildlife and earth's natural resources
  • Explore unknown areas of medical science
  • And much more...

SCSU Annual Reports and Graphs

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