Scientific investigation, scholarly activity and creative achievement are vital to St. Cloud State University’s mission of offering accessible, high quality education. In fact, research at SCSU is as much about effective teaching as it is about contributing to knowledge. Through research activities, faculty not only improve expertise in their disciplines and pedagogy but also engage students in the excitement of discovery and creation.

Our students work side-by-side with professors on research projects. As a result, they develop better analytical, writing, and speaking skills and they’re exposed to role models, methods and the language of their fields, preparing them for further study or the workplace.

Where will you find SCSU faculty and students?
In the lab and in the field, at the library and online, in the classroom and in the studio:

  • Assessing foods, supplements and pharmaceuticals for their ability to prevent or cause cancer.
  • Writing novels, plays and poems that lift the spirit and stretch the mind.
  • Building partnerships with public schools to promote diversity and strengthen teachers’ skill.
  • Designing customized network management solutions for local businesses.
  • Studying the formation of the solar system by observing activity in near and distant comets.
  • Surveying Minnesotans about pollution control policies, lotteries/gambling and rural issues.
  • Encouraging young people of color to pursue careers in education, mathematics, science and computers.
  • Establishing drinking water monitoring stations along the upper Mississippi River to monitoring the safety of drinking water.
  • Designing, constructing and deploying optical spectrometers for studying planetary atmospheres and astrophysical targets.