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"$24,000 grant will go to SCSU diversity plan"
"$5 million grant to develop teachers for a new classroom model"
"Mentoring program to help girls of color reach for the top"

"20 to be picked for AmeriCorps project at SCSU"
"AmeriCorps hopes to recruit members"
"AmeriCorps program will boost nonprofits"
"AmeriCorps recruits for day"
"Anti-racism team gears up to educate, train St. Cloud State, community"

"Bryces share commitment to spread understanding"

"Camps engage children in math, science, computers"
"Campus news"
"College of Education and District 742 awarded $5 million for teacher education"
"Colleges, Electrolux to work on efficiency"
"CTL grants assist faculty1"
"CTL grants assist faculty2"

"Digital history of Minnesota planned at SCSU"

"Education partnership wins $5 million grant for teacher prep"
"Entrepreneurs' seminar Aug. 14"

"Faculty receive grants 2"
"Faculty receive grants"
"Faculty, staff deliver $4 million of external funds"
"Facutly, staff receive funds to encourage active student learning"
"For good cause..."

"Grant aims to jump-start anti-racism efforts at St. Cloud State"
"Grant aims to squelch racism at university"
"Grant to help train TriVirix workers"
"Grants will aid Minnesota workers"

"Join contest, lose weight for good goal, your health"


"Letter: CODE focuses on anti-racism"
"Letter: SCSU project supports moms"

"Library digitizes unique photos"

"Mayor announces 6 High-Five winners"
"Mentor program to move downtown"

"New nursing science program wins national accreditation"
"Nonprofits get boost from AmeriCorps"

"Our view: Grant will enhance teachers' training"
"Our view: Higher education must remain affordable"

"Professor takes the lead on subject of bullying"
"Program helps poor achieve goals"

"Read here, read there, read Dr. Seuss everywhere"
"Ready or not, students, here come finals"

"SCSU adds breast-feeding center for staff, students"
"SCSU adds center for staff, students for breast-feeding"
"SCSU and Electrolux partner to enhance worker skills"
"SCSU assists Electrolux"
"SCSU celebrates launch of St. Cloud AmeriCorps with partners"
"SCSU education awarded"
"SCSU faculty, staff earns 3 development grants"
"SCSU introducting Babe Cafe in February"
"SCSU launching 'Baby Cafe' for nursing mothers"
"SCSU nursing gets accreditation"
"SCSU partners with local business to enhance workers skills"
"SCSU professor hopes to save Tasmanian"
"SCSU professor researches diseases attacking Tasmanian devil"
"SCSU professor wins money to celebrate author"
"SCSU professor awared funds for research on 'active' learning"
"SCSU project digitizes Minnesota's 1st 50"
"SCSU project gets $5 million grant"
"SCSU receives $4 millin in grants"
"SCSU researcher finds way to up charitable contributions"
"SCSU sponsors charter school"
"SCSU student researching nighttime weather changes"
"SCSU task force tackles racism"
"SCSU to digitize old photos for new website"
"SCSU to open breast-feeding center for school year"
"SCSU wins $300,000 grant to share historic photos statewide"
"SCSU wins grant to mark Isaac Bashevis Singer Centennial"
"Service-learning finds its way into SCSU classrooms"
"Sharing knowledge, experiences, resources: Teachers of Color Project earns bank support"
"St. Cloud company invests in it's employees"
"St. Cloud State gets $5 million grant"
"St. Cloud State gets grant to fight racism"
"St. Cloud to support bioscience initiative"
"Student maps weather"
"Student teacher grant awarded to SCSU, District 742"
"Student-researcher presents at national meeting"
"Students flock to land-surveying program"
"Students presenting at an 'academic conference' will look for you in the audience"
"Students to present at an 'academic conference'"
"Study: Donors give more when money is matched"


"University helps bring AmeriCorps to community"


"Woman translates insurance for students"
"World Class Connections"

"Would this be guerrilla warfare?"

"Xcel backs education with 5 grants in area"