Prior to Traveling
Required for all travel 10 to 15 days prior to making any travel arrangements.  Complete the Travel Authorization Form and signatures required are:

  • Employee signature
  • In State Travel: Department Chair or Supervisor signature "Although in-state travel only requires verbal approval of immediate supervisor, a Work Revision Request is also necessary for academic administration and instructional faculty when academic duties and responsibilities need to be adjusted or covered during work-related travel away from campus. The Work Revision Request form is now a section of this new Travel Authorization form."
  • Out of State Travel: Department Chair/Supervisor and College/School Dean or appropriate Vice President
  • International Travel: Department Chair/Supervisor, College/School Dean, Vice President/Provost and President

Travel Expense Report

SCSU Travel Expense Report

The SCSU Travel Expense Report must be authorized by the employee, the supervisor, and the responsible person for the identified cost center. Students who travel should use this same form.

Original receipts are required for all expenses except mileage and meals. Mileage needs to be accompanied by a map route and mileage. Acceptable sources to report mileage:

At the close of the fiscal year all travel expense reports must be received in Business Services according to established due dates to ensure they are charged to the correct fiscal year.

Reimbursements/Advances are included in the employee's paycheck. Each employee will be reimbursed only for his/her own expenses.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires employee business expenses to be submitted for reimbursement within 60 days after the expense is incurred. If not submitted within 60 days, the reimbursement becomes taxable for federal, state, FICA and Medicare; and withholding tax must be taken.

International Travel
Complete the Request for Approval to Incur Special Expenses form in advance if you will be traveling outside the United States. The completed form should be submitted to the Director of Business Services in AS 124. Signatures required for Special Expense Form are:

  • Requestor Signature
  • Department Chair or Supervisor Signature
  • College/School Dean
  • Director of Business Services

Travel Questions
If you have travel questions, contact the Travel Desk in Business Services AS 124 or call 308-4005.