Prior to Purchasing

Procedures for purchasing on a sponsored project are the same as for other University expenditures. Prior to purchasing, designated personnel must receive purchasing access.

To facilitate access, the Principal Investigator (PI) needs to email the Purchase Control System (PCS) Account Security to request full purchasing rights to the appropriate cost center. To find the PCS Account Security contact information, please visit: Business Services.

Once the access is granted, designated personnel or another party can make purchases on the PI’s behalf. 


Special Expenses

Special expenses are those that are incurred in connection with work-related responsibilities of official functions not generally supported with public funds. Please communicate with designated personnel in regards to your purchasing request so that the proper forms can be completed as needed.

Vendor Registration

All purchase with the exception of the PCard need a vendor number. If a vendor has not been set up, the vendor will have to complete the vendor registration process. To complete this process, please visit the vendor registration website. Click here for instructions on how to complete registration process.

Purchasing Card


Purchase Orders


Payment Requests