A consultant is a person or organization that is providing goods or services to an awarding agency in the fulfillment of that agency’s program or activity.  Consultants provide goods or services that are ancillary to the operation of the federal program and are not subject to the compliance requirements of the federal program.  Consultants cannot claim indirects in their contract.  For further information, refer to the “Hiring Consultants” section.

A subaward recipient is a recipient of federal financial assistance from a higher-tier organization that, in turn, received the assistance from the federal government.  Subaward recipients have performance measured by whether the objectives of the federal program have been met, have responsibility for programmatic decision making, and must adhere to applicable federal program compliance requirements.

Allow at least one to two months before services are to begin for processing of the subaward agreement.  The process is as follows:

  • Work with your designated personnel to create a purchase order and encumber funds. 
  • Work with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for the creation of the subaward agreement.  After the form has been completed, it will be submitted to the Purchasing Director in AS 123 for review before forwarding the document to the Attorney General’s Office for their review and approval. Only after the document has been approved by the Attorney General's Office can it be sent to the subaward recipient for signature. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will forward two copies of the approved agreement to the subaward recipient for their approval and signature. The recipient returns the partially-signed agreement to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs who will then obtain the final signature from the SCSU signing authority. Once fully executed, a copy of the agreement will be sent to the subaward recipient and work can begin on the subaward portion of the project.
  • Payments toward the subcontract will be paid as detailed within the agreement. Usually the subaward recipient can invoice SCSU quarterly for services rendered.