Every contract must have an Independent Contractor/Employee Status Form completed and Human Resources (HR) determination prior to moving forward with the contract.


Independent Service Agreement

  • Less than $3,000.00
  • No expense reimbursement
  • One time payment
  • Start/end date
  • Purchase order in 450 status
  • Name/address
  • ISA is the contract and invoice that the PI signs upon completion of job duties

Professional/Technical Contract (SCSU003)

  • Name/address
  • More than $3,000.00 and/or reimbursement of expenses
  • Purchase order in 450 status
  • Description of duties
  • Amount of compensation and/or amount of estimated expenses
  • Contact person for the contract (address, phone number, email)
  • Routing for "original" signatures (Contractor, Dean, Business Services)
  • Contractor must invoice for compensation/expenses using contractor invoice

Additional information on contracts can be found at:
Minnesota State Policy 5.14 Procurement and Contracts
Minnesota State Procedure 5.14.2 Consultant, Professional, or Technical Contracts