Upon receipt of the official grant agreement or contract, the Research and Sponsored Programs staff will initiate an account memo to the Business Office for creation of a grant account.

The memo will outline the responsible person(s) on the account, project title, funding source, project begin and end dates, and a breakdown of the budget by object code. Some object code items include: faculty salary and fringes, student salary and fringes (when applicable), consultants, subawards, equipment, materials and supplies, travel, and indirects. The responsible person(s) on the account will receive a copy of the account memo.

Shortly thereafter, the Business Office will create the grant account and send a snapshot of the newly created budget to the responsible person on the account. The account number is to be referenced on all correspondence and requisitions related to the project.

Generally, the entire budget for a project or award is added to the account up front. In some cases, the full amount of the award is received by SCSU upon receiving the grant or award. In other cases, SCSU fronts the budget for the project, receiving reimbursement from the funding source. In either case, as long as a signed agreement is in place, it is very rare that the principal investigator will ever need to “wait for a check” before proceeding with the project.