Compensating project personnel will vary depending upon employment status.  As you have questions, feel free to contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for further assistance.


The Principal Investigator (PI) or designated personnel are responsible for initiating all hiring and payroll actions, as well as supervision of sponsored project personnel. All personnel must be paid in accordance with University guidelines. Salary rates, job classifications and regulations for personnel employed on sponsored projects are the same as those established for all other employees of the University.

Salaries and Wages

Payroll costs for employees working on a sponsored project should be reflected on the project’s account code at the level of effort actually performed. This provides the most accurate financial information and documents the project’s allowable costs. Any salary adjustment must be consistent with institutional procedures. If a university wide salary increase is not authorized, employees working on sponsored projects will not receive a pay increase even though funds may have been budgeted to cover the additional costs.

Fringe Benefits

Personnel paid from a sponsored project account are subject to the same benefit policies as personnel paid from other University funds. Contact the Benefits Representative in Human Resources for information on policies and procedures, or refer to the Human Resources Policies/Procedures Manual. Only actual costs are charged to the account; however, variances from budgeted amounts sometimes occur depending on projected versus actual benefit increases.


Grant funded positions will use the Unclassified Change Form to initiate payment of extra duty days, overload credits, or reassignment time. After the form has been completed, submit to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for approval, the form will than be routed to your faculty workload system administrator.


Employees are limited by contract on earnings outside of their regular pay.  Please see the contract for more information.


Employees that submit time sheets on a biweekly basis include overtime hours on their timesheet noting the grant account where overtime costs are to be charged. If the grant covers a portion of the employee’s regular time, the principal investigator should work directly with Human Resources at the beginning of the project for proper charging of the classified employee’s time to the grant account.

State of Minnesota employees not employed by SCSU

If the person you want to hire is a current State of Minnesota employee and not employed by SCSU, please contact the Human Resources Office for further information.  Human Resources and Payroll work together in processing these payments which are typically processed on an Interagency Request for State Employee Services form.