INTERNAL GRANT: Proposal Enhancement Grant

The purpose of the Proposal Enhancement Grant is to support the development of preliminary results for proposal submission, OR enhance the skills necessary to be successful in seeking mid-level funding from an external agency.

The project described in this application must support the groundwork required to lead to the submission of a competitive grant proposal.  The expected product is a grant submission to an external funding agency in the amount of $25,000 or more to support research, scholarly or creative activity.

Awardees must include and complete at least one of the following activities as an aspect of their proposal:

  • Travel to meet with a Program Officer at funding agency; OR
  • Serve as panel reviewer for a grant program; OR
  • Work with a mentor to enhance an existing grant proposal

The award range is $4,000-$8,000 and expenditures must be concluded during the current and following fiscal year.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be probationary or tenured St. Cloud State University faculty and staff.
  • Applicants may submit one (1) application for each deadline. If an application is denied, an individual may re-apply during the next submission period.
  • Individuals with an active Proposal Enhancement Grant are not eligible to apply.

Submission Instructions and Requirements

  • Deadline: October 13, 2017
  • Proposals need to be submitted electronically through our Proposals SharePoint portal. All required attachments for submission are found in the Application Material section below.
    (Login using your Star ID and Password.)

Application Materials

  1. Request for Proposals: Proposal Enhancement Grant
  2. Proposal Narrative
  3. Budget Spreadsheet

Award Requirements

  1. Final Report

Award Selection

  • The Scholarship, Research and Creative Achievement Committee will review the proposals. Funding recommendations are then provided to the Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, who will make the final funding decisions.
  • Reviewers may take the following into consideration: the quality of the proposal and the project; the likelihood that the project will be completed; the likelihood that the grant will lead to future external funding; and the likelihood that the project will lead in the foreseeable future to a grant submission.
  • Proposals are reviewed using the criteria outlined in the Proposal Enhancement Grant Application Evaluation Form at the end of this application.
  • Given proposals of comparable ratings, greater consideration is placed on those applicants who have not received funding through this program.


Mikhail Blinnikov - $4,829

Geography and Planning, "Tracking origins of agriculture in Bolgar, Tatarstan through soil micromorphology and phytolith analysis"

Daren Protolipac - $4,896

Psychology, "Generalization of the Strong Interest Inventory in Chines Culture: A Translation, Validation, and Cross-Cultural Comparison Study"

Kannan Sivaprakasam - $4,937

Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Acquisition of dedicated cooling system to collect preliminary results for external proposals submission (NSF RUI and REU)"



Grama N. Rangamani, Rebecca Crowell and Amanda Hemmesch Breaker - $9,933

Communication Sciences and Disorders/Psychology, “Undergraduate Research and Inter-Professional Educational Practices for Promoting Health and Wellness in the Aging Population of Central Minnesota”

John Sinko - $5,000

Physics and Astronomy, “Propellant Development for Astronaut Retrieval by Laser Tractor Beam”



Rebecca Krystyniak - $5,000

Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Utilizing a Learning Assistant Model to Recruit, Prepare and Support STEM Teachers”

Latha Ramakrishnan - $4,990

Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Advancing Scholarship of a Learning Community of Aspiring Chemists through Scientific Discovery”