Research Instrumentation Funds: FY 2006

Faculty Names

Equipment Requested


Julius, Matthew & Schoenfuss, Heiko Water Purification and Storage System $13,500
Rose, Charles & Julius, Matt Hach Hydrolab Multiprobe With Data Logging Capacity $11,998
Restani, Marco 4-wheel Drive All Terrain Vehicle, Transport Trailer, Live Animal Traps, Telemetry Receiver $10,733
Grossman, Philip; Lo, Ming Chien & Komai, Mana 11 Wireless Laptop Computers, 1 Wireless Laptop Server, 1 Twenty Unit Mobile Cart $9,000
Miller, Scott Kyma System and Related Items $8,800
Mahroof-Tahir, Mohammad; Gregory, Dan & Sreerama, Lakshmaiah Florescence Polarization Analyzer $8,775
Honegger, Eva Optical Printer $8,000
Kvaal, Christopher Spectrophotometer for DNA Quantitation $6,077
Lidberg, Russell & Mahroof-Tahir, Mohammad Spin Coater $5,020
Gorcica, William Panasonic DVX100A Pro Camcorder, Tripod and Microphone $4,721
Bender, Michner Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer And Incubator $3,925
Guster, Dennis Processors, Memory, and NICs to Upgrade a Computer Cluster $3,900
Rigopoulou-Melcher, Aspasia Develop A Community Development Research, Design, and Planning Studio $3,526