FY - 2010 New Researcher Awards


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Bachor Vernon Management Case Study: The Demise of the Minnesota DHR Health Match Project
Dasgupta Shumona English In the Language of Trauma: The National and the Local in Partition Discourse
Edrisinha Chaturi Educational Leadership An Examination of the Influence of the Behavior Altering Effect of the Motivating Operation on the Discrimination Stimulus
Fedin Amy Accounting The Effects of Anticipated Regret on the Whistle blowing Decision
Garcia-Perez Monica Economics The Impact of Owners and Coworkers Race in Wages and Hiring
Muniz Mark Sociology & Anthropology Legacy Grant Research Proposal
Mwangi Mumbi Women's Studies The Impact of HIV/Aids on the Lives of the Maas ai Women in Mti Mmoja Village in Rural Tanzania
Parault Susan Counselor Education Creating a Classification System for the Clues Children Encounter in Narrative and Expository Text
Petitto Sarah Chemistry Atomic Changes in the Iron Oxide, Magnetite, Surface in Water as a Function of Time Using Surface Diffraction
Ramakrishnan Latha Chemistry Development of a Planarian Model for Alzheimer's Disease
Sezen Ahmet Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Development of Capacitive Micro machined Ultrasound Transducers for Novel Biomedical Imaging Devices
Strom Renee Communication Studies Building Bridges During the Transition to College: Investigating the Relationship between Different Types of Commitments, Social Integration, and Persistence
Sultanov Renat BCIS Computer Simulations of Blood Flow Through Human Carotid Artery Stent Modeling
Van Mullen Pete HPERSS The Education of a Successful Coach
Vorell Matthew Communication Studies Coping Strategies Among Professional Specific Temporary Workers
Wexelbaum Rachel LR&TS The Effects of Media Type on Adult Reading Comprehension: Electronic Books vs. Print