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The Testing Center

Instructors teaching courses coded as hyflex, hybrid/blended and on campus can request to use the Brown Hall proctoring services for approved circumstances:

  • student misses an exam due to illness
  • student athletes
  • other extenuating circumstances

Proctored exams are administered at the Testing Center in Brown Hall 115A. The Testing Center follows the St. Cloud State University Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure in cases of cheating, plagiarism, falsification, collusion, or other instances of academic dishonesty.

To schedule a proctored exam, instructors email Susan Erickstad:

Action-Based Assessments 

Action-based assessments are non-traditional assessments that evaluate learner performance by asking students to complete a task that demonstrates real world applicability. Unlike traditional assessments, action-based assessments are student-focused demonstrations of knowledge with more complex application and stronger evidence of knowledge acquisition and application.  

Examples of Action-Based Assessments:

  • Debate 
  • Video Presentations
  • Problem solving
  • Portfolio
  • Artwork
  • Podcasting
  • Interviews
  • Blogs

Curious about utilizing action-based assessments in your courses? Book an appointment with an instructional designer! 

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Online Test Integrity and Proctoring Services

Read more about the tools and technologies available to promote online test integrity.

Online Test Integrity and Proctoring Services