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Online Student Success

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Tips to be Successful

Make a commitment to succeed

The virtual classroom can be fast paced, so staying on top of assignments, remaining in contact with your instructor, and logging in frequently will require an ongoing commitment. You will need to be motivated to complete assignments, study for exams and interact with your classmates and instructor.

Get to know the D2L Brightspace system

Learning how to access your online course to find the syllabus, course requirements, textbooks, and other equipment will be important to be successful. A student orientation course is available for self-registration once logged into D2L Brightspace

Always have a backup plan

Murphy’s Law tells us that as marvelous as technology can be, problems can and always will occur. When they do, have a backup plan that is flexible and provides you with options that will allow you to complete required tasks and submit assignments. Use your free Office365 apps and save your assignments with OneDrive. It is integrated with D2L!

Make your mark

Be sure to include your full name in your emails and discussion posts. Also, update your D2L Brightspace profile.

Read and respond to emails

Email is your primary mode of communication as an online student. If you receive an email from either your instructors or a classmate, make it a point to respond in a timely manner. Use an out of office automatic reply message if you plan to be away from email for more than 24 hours.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you’re unable to find answers in your course syllabus, contact your instructor, review course announcements in D2L Brightspace, or contact your fellow classmates for help.

Organization and time management is important

Online courses require as much time as on-campus classes. Make a schedule! Plan to devote about 12 hours a week to most three-credit courses.

Take advantage of tutoring options

If you find yourself struggling in your online courses, take advantage of free tutoring on campus or visit for free tutoring services.

Speak up!

It is your responsibility to contact and communicate with your instructor if you encounter problems in your online course – whether the problems are technological, instructional or personal.

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